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C.D., come here. I have got it!
You have got it all right.
How to talk to Roxanne.
I will take a chance.
The girl likes me, what am I afraid of?
She is no rocket scientist.
Actually, she is a rocket scientist.
But of all the guys she likes me, right?
So what am I afraid of? Nothing.
I will do as you said...
I will write her a letter.
I have a way with words.
I always crack the guys up.
This way I can plan what to say.
I can craft it.
In a letter I can be...
- We cannot get it started.
- I will be out in a minute.
- Andy, your coat is on fire.
- Yeah, right.
So what do you think?
- What?!
- He is on fire, get his coat!
No! Not the gasoline!
Can I help you?
Yes, I have a friend who is looking for
a cosmetic, if one exits -
- a sort of a shading arrangement.
Do you have anything in the shading area?
We have lots of blushers and things...
What specifically is it for?
She has this feature that she would
like to... de-emphasise.
I see, she has this extra large feature
and she wants to make it look smaller?
I think a dark contour would be fine.
Great. How would she go about...
applying this thing?
She would... just shade the area of the
feature to make it look...
It would appear to be more shadows
and less actual... acreage.
- I mean area.
- I will take it.
- I will get a fresh one from the back.
- Thank you.
I talked to Chris for you.
Do you think he will call me?
He wants to write you a letter.
A letter? Is that not usually
at the end of a relationship?
No, it is really romantic, actually.
I will explain it to you outside.
C.D., here is your blush.
- Could you giftwrap that for me?
- Okay.
These items I decided against.
- Do you have a girlfriend?
- No, it is for my sister.
- You have a sister?
- No, it is for my sister's girlfriend.
Hi, Chris.
No, I am not doing anything.
Just baking some eggs.
Sure, come on over. Bye.
You should read the letter
before I send it.
Great, we will take a look at it.
- It is quite an operation you have.
- Thank you.
- Let us take a look at that letter.
- I think it is really good.
"Dear Roxanne, how is it going?
Do you want to have a drink sometime?
If you do, check this box."
- How long did you work on this?
- Today. Since noon.
Chris, that is a very long time.
You cannot send her this.
What do you mean?
I like the concept,
but it has to be more interesting.
I worked hard on that!
Take a pen, sit down and let me ask you
a question: how do you feel about her?
- Me, about her?
- How did you feel when you first saw her?
Okay, you cannot say you felt horny,
you have to change it.
You have to say, " I felt... moved, -
- alive... on fire."
That is beautiful.
How did you feel
when you first spoke to her?
Like a dickhead.
No, you cannot write that.
You have to say, "I felt like a child
standing in the sun for the first time -
- feeling only your radiance."
"Radiance"; I like that.
I will underline that.
What did you do after you saw her?
I puked.
After seeing you...
my only nourishment was you.
- C.D., you write the letter.
- No, you do it.
You know how to say what I feel.
You write it and I will sign it.
No, no, that is... dangerous.
That is lying.
Not if you write what I feel.
I sign my name and you write
what you imagine I am feeling.
- It will work.
- What I imagine you are feeling?
It is half-written already.
You have to change that poetic baloney.
This is beautiful.
No, for Roxanne
you need something startling -
- something so strange it would
make her incapable of being reasonable.
- Can you do it?
- It is an challenge.
Get your favourite pen.
These are good.
And some good quality paper
that really takes the ink.
- Oh, the food!
- I will take care of it.
You just take your time.
Come on, boys, line up.
- Six and a half minutes, not bad.
- Let us get into our gear.
Let us go, boys.
It is Operation Snowball.
Роксана Роксана

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