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to go.
So? Are you coming or not?
- Will you tell her?
- I cannot.
Chris, you have to tell her,
it is not nice.
Do you have any paper?
I could write her.
I have experience at that.
I have some in my glove compartment.
I will get it.
Roxanne called. She sounded really weird,
she wants you to come over right away.
- Jerry, it is a re-match.
- He owes me 50 bucks.
Come in.
- What is it?
- Read this.
"Dear Roxanne. I have met someone else,
and she is real cute, too.
I hope I have not hurt you,
but I probably did.
It was really nice knowing you,
and now I am going to be a dealer in Tahoe.
Yours truly -
- t-r-u-l-e-y, Chris."
Then I found this along with it
under the door.
Read it... read it out loud.
"All day long I think,
'Where is she, what is she doing now?"
Occasionally, I see you on the street
and I feel the nerves in my stomach -
- a wave crashing over me."
- It is so him.
- Go on.
"I remember everything about you; -
- every move
no matter how insignificant it may seem.
July 11, 2:30 in the afternoon.
You changed your hair...
not that much, but I noticed.
It was as though
I had looked at the sun too long.
I could close my eyes
and see it again and again.
The way your hair moved, your walk,
your dress, everywhere I looked."
It is nice, is it not?
It has a... I feel...
- Finish it.
- I did, it just runs out.
You have to turn it over.
"C.D. Wrote this. Call me.
I went through all of the other letters.
They are all in the same hand.
It was your voice under the balcony.
Chris did not write the letters, you did.
All this time right there in front of me,
and I could not even see you.
You bastard!
How could you trick me like that?
I tried to make you feel good.
- You played with me.
- You should have guessed it.
- So, it is my fault?
- The signatures do not match the letters.
You do not check that in a love letter.
Because you wanted to believe it.
All the romance wrapped up
in a cute nose and a cute arse.
You even got me in bed!
- Yes, on your first date!
- Only because you seduced me.
You went to bed with him too fast.
One frilly word and you are horizontal.
I do not think
I went to bed with him.
Somebody was up there,
it sure was not me.
Then who?
Chris could not have seduced me.
- That is just what I told Dixie.
- You told Dixie?
I just mentioned it, I did not mean to...
You son of a bitch! You bastard!
How could you lie?
I tried to tell you
how I felt about you.
It was a lousy way of telling me!
Just get out!
Wait a second, I am out. Get in!
- No, get out!
- Get in!
- Get off this porch.
- Fine.
Do not try throwing my hat at me.
Guess what the rest of the letter said?
It said, "P.S. I was only kidding."
- Ten more seconds and I am leaving.
- What did you say?
Ten more seconds and I am leaving.
- What did you think I said?
- Earn more sessions by sleeving.
- What the hell does that mean?
- I do not know, that is why I came out.
Chris came and took all his stuff.
There is a fire somewhere.
Get into gear.
That is where I put Bossy.
We have got a burner, boys.
Two 21/2 inch lines
from the pump to the fire.
Three 11/2 inch lines
from the hydrant to the pump.
If it gets to the station,
the whole town goes.
I want a water curtain with
a full fog pattern on both exposures.
One, two, three...
We are doing it, C.D.!
Take it easy, here we go.
Come on, Bossy. Let us go, boy.
You are all
real goddamn fire fighters now.
To all us real goddamn fire fighters.
Thanks to us, no one got fried.
We beat this fire by a nose.
Well said.
I want to see you.
A toast.
I would like to say that I would
rather be with the people of this town -
- than with the finest people
in the world.
What are friends for?
When I close my eyes
I see you again and again.
Your eyes, your face...
the way you walk.
Your style, your wit...
And your nose, Charlie.
It does not quite

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