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wings hit the air,
I heard your name again.
Just for that second I was one of them,
pounding out your name: Roxanne.
Roxanne. A word of two syllables
locked inside my head.
You see... I am...
and I will always be -
- the one who loved you
without limits.
What are you talking about?
It is too much.
- Go on.
- It is working, go on.
This is my whole life right now.
Standing here talking to you like this.
Saying things I wanted to say,
but could not.
Why could you not talk to me?
I was afraid you would laugh at me.
- That is silly.
- No, not if you knew.
When you are reaching for a star,
there is a long way to fall.
I almost never let this moment happen.
Now I feel sorry for people for whom
it never comes.
I love you. I have breathed you in
and I am suffocating.
I am crazy, I cannot go on.
This is all too much.
- I am starting to feel a little dizzy.
- I am starting to feel a little drunk.
Because I have
made you tremble up there, have I not?
Like a leaf on a tree.
- I want to make love to you.
- Shut up, Chris.
I was telling myself to shut up
because this time I have gone too far.
I will be the judge of that.
She wants us.
C.D., it is okay.
Sooner or later.
You can do it.
Do not think I do not know you and
have not felt you beneath me.
I know you have imagined it,
have you not?
Lying back into your bed with me.
I have.
There will never be another tonight.
Why should we sip from a tea cup,
when we can drink from the river?
There is a tiny word; it is not a noun,
it is not a verb -
- it is not an adjective,
I do not know what it is.
But if you said it to me tonight,
all this blackness would go away.
You and I would be connected
by a tunnel of light.
- What is the word, Chris?
- Yes.
Yes, Chris.
Great, we did it.
C.D., we were great.
I think I am in love.
Oh God, I did it!
Ooh, C.D., are you all right?
Did you hurt yourself?
- Where am I?
- You are in Nelson.
Nelson? I am home.
They brought me home.
- What day is it?
- Friday. "Dallas" is on.
Friday? Then it took no time.
It did not exist in time.
Suddenly a spacecraft
landed right in front of me.
I have read about it.
Did it have lights?
Lights? You never saw so many lights.
It was like Broadway.
A creature with big suckers on his palms
came out, he walked like this.
He put his palms right in my face, -
- took me over to Roxanne's
to observe me.
At Roxanne's house?
This is bullshit; we will miss "Dallas".
Let us go.
- You think I am nuts.
- No.
They asked me about older women.
They wanted to have sex with them
here in Nelson.
They will start a colony of supermen who
will have sex with older women because:
"They really know what they are doing."
It has been so long.
Do you believe in these creatures -
- wanting to have sex with older women?
Let us go and check it out.
God, I was nervous last night.
I did not say anything, I am too dumb -
- I mean, too smart for that.
What do you mean nervous?
How nervous?
- Just real nervous.
- Really nervous?
You mean so nervous you could not...
God, come on, it is embarrassing.
Look, I could not do it -
- the third time.
The moment we have all been waiting for.
Let Oktoberfest... begin!
You cannot get anything going here!
Is C.D. In?
I am catching a plane in 20 minutes.
- Why?
- I got a call from the university.
- I was right about the comet.
- Fantastic!
I wanted to tell you first.
Congratulations, that is great.
You are famous.
- Is Chris around?
- No, I have not seen him.
Maybe you can tell him where I am?
I will be gone for about a week.
Here is my address.
Ask him to write me.
Tell him to knock me over.
I was walking on air, now I am walking
on feathers, on pillows on air.
A beer?
- Draft?
- Yes, but I can just put on my sweater.
That is so funny. There are so many guys
in here with no sense of humour.
I think a sense of humour is important.
I think it is really important,


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