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Alert and sensitive to every mis-step.
Move a little closer to her.
Therefore I must move silently,
moving in towards you.
Reach out your hand.
I hand out... reaching to...
Car three, proceed to the 279.
Confirm, car three, confirm.
Confirm what?
Confirm my feelings.
- Confirm my feelings.
- Yes.
Because there is a heart here...
that wants yours to know -
- there is a possible 502 on Main.
Proceed to Main, confirm.
Are you not a hunter anymore?
Not a hunter? No, I mean...
It is really nice out, is it not?
It is really, really...
what is the word I am looking for?
Nice, yes, that is it.
So, now you are the weatherman?
I loved your letter.
It was beautiful.
Where did you learn to write like that?
- The usual places.
- It seemed very extemporaneous.
Thank you.
Say something.
Something wonderful like in your letter.
- Let us see.
- You can tell me about the night.
The night... is very extemporaneous.
- What?
- It is wild.
Yes... the night is wild.
Like love can be wild.
Love is wild, wild and extemporaneous.
Say something romantic.
"Why do birds suddenly appear
everytime you are near?"
- Is that not from a song?
- They made it into a song.
You wrote the song?
No... but I like that song.
Use your own words.
You have -
- a great body.
Your knockers, I mean your breasts,
are like melons...
Not melons, like pillows.
Can I fluff your pillows?
I have to go in now.
Wait! ...Were you not playmate
of the month in June '85?
- "Can I fluff your pillows?"
- I got flustered, I panicked.
You have to help me,
it was working.
I do not think I could after that.
She wants somebody who looks like me
and talks like you.
No, come here.
Do not make me do it.
Stand under the window,
I will be out of sight.
- I whisper to you what to say.
- Wait, what if she hears you?
Just call her.
Go easy for once!
Goddamn it, what are you doing?
I am sorry, hold on.
- Listen to me, I have a lot to say.
- Go away!
- I just want to tell you that...
- That I am really built?
- No, nothing like that.
- Tell her you were an idiot.
I was an idiot, Roxanne.
Wait, come here!
I... C.D. Help me -
- want to say that I was an idiot.
I was... happy? Dizzy?
This is stupid.
I was stupid and I was also...
Tripping? ...bumbling.
I was a stupid, bumbling... pointer.
No, no... stupid ass.
So why did you say those things?
Tell her you were afraid.
- Because I was afraid.
- Of me? Afraid of what?
Tell her you were afraid of words.
- What?
- Words.
Because I was afraid of worms, Roxanne!
What are you saying to me?
When I said "worms"
I meant "words", Roxanne.
Give me your coat.
Words are all used up, they are hard
to say, they have all been wasted -
- on the shampoo commercials
and the ads and the flavourings.
Hollow, beautiful words.
How can you love a floor wax?
How can you love a diaper?
How can I use the same word about you
that is used about a stuffing?
I am exploding with love,
but cannot use the word.
I cannot hear you.
It is because my words have to rise up,
they have trouble finding you.
- You can hear me.
- That is because your voice floats down.
One hard word from you
at that height kills me.
Give me your hat.
Your voice sounds different.
Of course, I do not have to be careful
anymore. I am protected by the night.
I can be myself, Roxanne.
Oh God, your name is like a knife.
Stand where I can see you.
- No!
- Why?
Only my voice, you do not need
to see me, just listen to me.
I only have a minute to talk to you.
Did what I wrote touch you?
It did.
It was eloquent.
No, not eloquent, just honest.
I am in orbit around you,
I am suspended weightless over you -
- like the blue man in the Chagall, -
- hanging over you in a delirious kiss.
Yesterday, on the street...
I swore I heard your name.
I turned and there was nobody there.
Just five birds rising off the ground -
- and when their
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