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a man's nose?
You mean how the size of a man's nose
relates to the size of his...?
Oh, my God!
I love doing it to them.
- Your tea, sir... and picks.
- Thank you.
So, why do you not ask her out?
Sometimes I take a walk at night and
I see couples walking, holding hands -
- and I look at them and I think:
"Why not me?"
Then I catch my shadow on the wall...
- Why do you not get that nose job?
- I did.
It is the word: Rhinoplasty.
It is as unpleasant -
- as haemorrhoids.
Those two words you do not want
to get involved in.
What about cosmetics? Shading along the
sides, down the slope, a bit on the end?
- It really helps.
- No, not for me. I cannot wear make up.
You should have stayed last night.
You were great, we were impressed.
Roxanne went on and on about you.
She did?
I think she is falling in love,
but she does not know it yet.
What does she mean,
"she thinks she is falling in love"?
It has been known to happen.
C.D., this is Chris McConnell.
It is a pleasure meeting you. I am sorry
we have been missing each other.
Are you all right?
I know you have met the guys...
How is your room?
It is hypnotic, is it not?
It is huge!
It is enormous, it is gigantic...
They said it was big,
but I did not expect it to be BIG.
Do you want to shoot some pool?
Rack them up, we will play a game.
You will not kill me? The guys said...
- Ordinarily I would, but not today.
- Why not?
Because yesterday she did not,
but today... she does.
You finally have a sense of humour
about your nose?
Rack them up.
Okay, turn on the hose. The secret to
moving a hose is in the rhythm.
To the left:
One and two and three.
To the right:
One and two and three.
Now forward.
Now back.
I cannot stand this.
Turn it off! What are you doing?
Turn it off! Turn it off!
Get a good stream.
Lean into it, trust it.
Remember: Water is your friend.
What is our signal
for charging the hose?
Remember, it is like Big Bird...
like on "Sesame Street".
No, not him again.
There he is...
Back up a second.
Flirting with Sophie and Lydia again.
Charlie, can I talk to you?
All right.
Okay, was I right?
- Yes, it is ugly.
- It really is.
- What I will say is a little forward...
- Good.
There is someone I think
I should get to know better.
Someone who I think likes me too.
- You know what I mean?
- Yes.
I think he wants to talk to me.
I can see him trying, but he will not.
I like him for that.
Maybe this guy needs you
to make the first move.
That is why I am talking to you.
So... what do you know about this guy?
I know he is interesting...
- Different.
- Yes.
- He is what?
- He is handsome.
Is it not amazing? If you have feelings
for someone, you see them as handsome?
- Everyone thinks he is.
- No, not everyone, believe me.
What are you talking about?
It is great that he is all these things.
I have only seen him a few times.
We have never even spoken -
- we just exchanged
some goofy looks.
- Why are you telling me this?
- He works for you. Chris McConnell.
What is he like? No, do not tell me.
I will let it unfold.
Since you are working with him,
maybe you could encourage him.
He may not say anything all summer
and then I will be gone.
- If it comes up.
- C.D., thank you.
I know I am forward.
You were really great the other night.
It is the first time
I have seen anyone be brave.
I have been a lot braver since then.
This time I want you to do it.
Cut it off!
I am tired of having a magnificent,
fabulous, interesting nose.
I want a cute,
petite, little button nose.
- Give me the American beauty.
- C.D., you know I cannot.
Yes you can, get the knife. Cut it, Dave.
I cannot. Allergies to anesthetics are
dangerous; you will go into a coma.
We will do it the old-fashioned way.
Do not be stupid.
- I want to look like Diana Ross.
- What you want is psychotherapy.
I can hear it now:
"Get used to it. $85, please."
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