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pretty impor...
I have one lousy one.
I do not have any secrets at all.
It is just so depressing.
- Did you say your name was Roxanne?
- Yes.
It is unusual; it is pretty.
There is a name for a galaxy.
Sorry, I did not mean to wax rhapsodic.
I should go,
it is late and I have work to do.
Okay, but wish me luck.
- On what?
- Just wish me luck.
No, I do not believe in luck.
Wish for something to happen.
- I know what you mean. Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
I am fine.
It is a party town, maestro.
You will love it.
- Gafornasemano.
- What?
Were you playmate of the month,
June '85?
That is funny, I thought I recognised
your inner diameter slope.
What is that?
The part of your leg
that curves into your inner thigh.
Works every time, maestro.
I call you maestro because
you are great with the chicks, right?
All right, men, let us go.
All right, are you ready?
What is going on here?
I want it to say action with style.
Like a GQ fire fighter.
This is Chris, our new pro.
A real fire fighter.
Welcome, I am Mayor Deebs.
We did not expect you until Monday.
- I came early to get a good start.
- He is a maniac with the chicks, too.
This is Dean, Trent,
and my personal tailor, Sam.
I will show you your room.
- Cuffs or no cuffs?
- You better get off that hose.
Do you think I can get
the telescope up the stairs?
I will ask C.D.
To leave his encyclopedias.
- He reads encyclopedias?
- He is an encyclopedia.
- He is funny.
- Yes, he is great.
He is my god-brother.
These uniforms really work...
I can tell.
- What about your boyfriend?
- Richard.
- When is he coming?
- He is not coming.
What happened?
We just ran out of gas...
I guess I mistook sex for love.
I did that once, it was great.
Sandy is a very deep person.
Oh my God, who is that?
She can certainly make my night.
Who is she?
Who is that?
That is Roxanne.
She studies astronomy or astrology...
Is there a difference?
Look, someone is checking you out.
Now, he could cheer you up.
If I was you,
I would do something about that.
Maybe... Maybe later, maybe not.
You are playing it beautifully.
- Do you mind if I give it a shot?
- Go right ahead.
Thank you, maestro.
I would like to invite you
to a Nelson tradition of hot-tubbing.
Pardon me?
It is a tradition.
We consume mulled wine -
- and enjoy some outdoor hot-tubbing.
When the settlers came here
100 years ago, they started hot-tubbing?
What? ...Oh, yeah.
You are feisty, I like that.
His ego is the size of Brazil.
- I have to stop talking to you.
- Okay, no problem.
I will be over there. Think about it and
if you change your mind, come on over.
And I think you might.
If I do change my mind, you will know -
- because my breasts will be heaving
and moist with perspiration.
- So long, foxy.
- So long.
- Look! Only enough for one drink.
- This is what it is like being single.
- He has a great arse.
- Too bad it is on his shoulders.
He is cute.
I like cute, I just want to
meet someone with half a brain.
Good luck.
He went up there before school
and will not come down.
All right... I will see what I can do.
The name is Bales. B-a-l-e-s.
He did it before,
but never stayed this long.
It is going to be all right, honey.
What is the trouble, Peter?
Come on, what is the matter?
They call me "Porky" at school.
Why do they have to do that?
Goddamn it...
I should not say that in front of you.
Did you talk to your mother about it?
Once I tried. She said
I should clean up my plate first.
See, that is good. You are way better
than these guys who make fun of you.
You are smart and you are funny.
- You can make things up.
- I did not make it up. It is true.
I should not say that in front of you.
- Do I have to get down now?
- No.
Let us just stay up here for a while.
That is our new computer. We can
pinpoint any fire in town with that.
Yes, I can see that.
It is perfect
Роксана Роксана

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