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on it?
Blood. Where is my tea?
- Will you tell me about it?
- You are too young.
Come here, Grover.
Damn it.
There had better be a window open,
I will have you neutered.
Do not go anywhere.
I will go to the front.
Oh, no!
I cannot believe it.
Goddamn it,
we are supposed to put them out!
- Guys, guys!
- What now?
I have a dream, just a little dream.
My dream,
I hope you do not find it crazy -
- is that I would like
the people here to feel -
- that if there were a fire, calling the
fire department would be a wise idea.
You cannot have people
with burning houses saying:
"Whatever you do,
do not call the fire department."
That would be bad.
Please, get it cleaned up.
Do not make me have to explain it.
I am locked out of my house.
I can get you in. I will get my tools.
I do not have any clothes on.
Do you want a coat or something?
No, I would like to stand naked
in this bush in the freezing cold.
- I will get the tools.
- Thank you.
- What is it?
- Somebody locked out of their house.
- Do you need any help?
- No, it looks boring. I will go.
- Nobody had a coat?
- You said you did not want one.
- Why would I not want a coat?
- You said so!
- I was being ironic.
- Oh, irony. We do not get that here.
People ski topless here while smoking
dope, so irony is not a high priority.
We have not had irony here since '83,
when I was the only practitioner of it, -
- and I stopped as
I was tired of being stared at.
You should turn off the lights
when you are locked out -
- you waste electricity.
You can hide your nakedness
in that bush.
I notice you do not have any tattoos.
Wise choice.
Jackie Onassis would not have gone
so far with an anchor on her arm.
Every job has a perfect tool.
This lock does not accept Master Charge.
We will try the old reliable.
And when I say -
- "old reliable", I am lying,
because I never tried this before.
You may not want to watch this.
Be careful.
God, I hate heights.
- What are you doing? I am freezing!
- For God's sake, put something on!
Thank you.
Here you go.
I am averting my eyes, finally.
Look what you got me into, Grover.
- Do you want to come in?
- I... sort of already did.
You must be starving, so I made us
some cheese and vegetables -
- au naturel.
Would you like some wine
with your nose... cheese?
Wine would be fine.
- Do you have a straw?
- No, I do not. Why?
No particular reason.
Party trick...
Well, a nose by any other name.
"Would smell as sweet."
My name is C.D. Bales.
I am the fire chief. Call me Charlie.
I am Roxanne. Thank you for your help.
I know the lady who owns this house.
She gave me a good deal for the summer.
- Nice and cheap, I bet.
- Well, it is worth it.
This house has a great spot for that.
- I thought you would never ask.
- I did not.
What is it, the mummy?
It is a telescope, it is beautiful.
- You must know about M31.
- Yes.
I like it when they give
astronomical objects names.
Like Andromeda, Saturn and...
Sea of Tranquility.
This numbering thing is
too boring for us civilians.
Do you know how many objects
are up there?
I know it is over fifty.
I think they do well.
They have many things to name.
How about Moo-on, Gluon, Quark?
Do you know what a quark is?
I used to, I just forgot right now.
We do not know everything, do we?
Sit down and I will show you.
No one has ever seen a quark,
but we know they exist.
There are at least six different types:
Up, Down,
Strange, Charmed, Bottom and Top.
That is their flavour.
Top and Bottom Quarks
are most common.
Only an unusually exotic collision can
produce the Strange and the Charmed.
It is beautiful, is it not?
Yes. These are...
astronomical objects, then?
No, sub-nuclear particles.
I thought so.
- So, what are you looking for?
- I cannot tell you.
- Why is that?
- I cannot, it is a secret.
I have a few secrets,
some important ones, too.
Actually, I have one

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