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You bastard!
How could you lie
and say those things?
I wasn't lying. I was trying to tell you
how I felt about you.
If you felt that way, you have
a lousy way of telling someone!
Get out!
- Get out!
- I am out. You get in.
- No, get out!
- Get in!
Get in! Get off this porch!
- Fine!
- Go on!
And don't throw my hat at me!
You want to know the rest of the letter?
It said, "P.S. I was only kidding!"
Ten more seconds and I'm leaving.
What did you say?
Ten more seconds and I'm leaving.
What'd you think I said?
"Earn more sessions by 'sleeving."'
What does that mean?
I don't know.
That's why I came out.
What about Gillian?
I told her about the hot-tubbing...
Chris came and took his stuff.
There's a fire somewhere.
Get into gear.
- That's where I put Bossy.
- You put Bossy in there?
We got a burner!
Here's what I want.
Two lines from the pump to the fire!
Three lines from the hydrant
to the pump. Let's go!
If it gets to the station,
the whole town could go.
Hit it!
I want a water curtain
on both exposures.
Let's go!
- All right!
- Yeah!
One, two, three!
All right! Yeah!
We're doin' it, C.D.
Take it easy.
All right, here we go.
Comin', Bossy.
Let's go, boys.
You're all real
goddamn firefighters now.
To all us real
goddamn firefighters.
Thanks to us, no one got fried.
Am I right?
We beat this fire by a nose!
Well said.
I want to see you.
A toast!
I would like to say
that I would rather be...
with the people of this town...
than with the finest people
in the world.
What are friends for?
So long.
I would close my eyes
and see you again and again.
Your eyes.
Your face.
The way you walk.
Your style.
Your wit.
And your nose, Charlie.
It doesn't quite work, does it?
I went inside and thought what it was
about Chris that attracted me.
It wasn't the way he looked.
That's not true.
First it was the way he looked.
It was how he made me feel.
He made me feel romantic.
But it wasn't him doing that to me.
It was you.
All these other men,
they've got flat, featureless faces.
No character. No fire.
No nose.
Charlie, you have a big nose!
You have a beautiful, great big...
flesh-and-bone nose.
I love your nose.
I love your nose, Charlie.
I love you, Charlie.
Are you kidding?
It's locked! It's locked!
Thank God I have the key.
By the way, I named the comet.
Oh, yeah. Good ol' Comet Kowalski.
No, Comet Charlie.
Hey, that's nice.
Yeah, it's my dad's name.
Well, he'll be so happy.I am walking, yes indeed,
and I am talking about you and me -
- and I am hoping you bop-be-da-deh.
I am forming words with my tongue
I am stumbling, but I am okay now.
Now, I am walking down the steps,
it is easier than walking up the steps.
Did not slide.
That is a tough break for me.
Now, I am having a small heart attack,
but I am recovering.
Now I am seeing
two coked-out hopheads coming at me -
- could be trouble.
- Get off the sidewalk!
- Other side of the street, scum.
It is a cop!
If he is a cop, where is his gun?
He is a fireman.
Cut a wide swath, pussy.
- All right.
- Thank you, arse-wipe.
Christ, that is the biggest nose...
Do not say it...
Quite a hood ornament you have there.
Here it comes...
Three-D coming at you!
- I really admire your shoes.
- What?
- I love your shoes.
- What?
I was just thinking -
- as much as I admire them and would
love to have a pair just like them -
- I would not want
to be in your shoes right now.
- I do not really know karate.
- I did not think so.
- Get pissed, Rich.
- I am pissed.
Fifteen - Love.
You want trouble? You will get it.
Oh, fault.
If that is how you want to play...
You broke my nose!
- Had enough yet?
- Thirty - Love.
Surprise! ...Forty - Love.
Are we having fun yet?
Let us play again sometime.
Where the hell is she?
Here is your racket.
Thank you.
What is this stuff
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