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I am crazy.
I can't go on.
This is all too much!
I'm starting to feel
a little dizzy.
And I'm starting to feel
a little drunk...
because I have made you tremble
up there.
And you are trembling, aren't you?
Like a leaf on a tree.
- I want to make love to you.
- Shut up, Chris!
I was telling myself to shut up...
because this time
I've gone too far.
I'll tell you
when you've gone too far.
She wants us!
Lookit, C.D., it's okay.
Sooner or later.
You can do it.
Come on. Come on.
Come on, C.D. Do it.
Don't think I don't know you.
Don't think I haven't felt you
beneath me.
I know you've imagined it.
You have, haven't you,
lying back into your bed with me?
I have.
There will never be
another tonight, Roxanne.
Why should we sip from a teacup
when we can drink from the river?
There's a tiny word.
It's not a noun.
It's not a verb.
It's not an adjective.
I don't know what it is...
but if you said it to me tonight,
all this blackness would go away...
and you and I would be connected
by a tunnel of light.
What is the word, Chris?
Great. We did it.
We did it!
We were great.
I think I'm in love.
Oh, God, I did it.
Oh, shit, I did it!
Oh, God.
It's two minutes to "Dallas."
Are you all right?
- Where am I?
- You're in Nelson.
Why, I'm home.
They brought me home. Bye.
- What day is it?
- Friday. "Dallas" is on.
Friday? Then it took no time.
It didn't exist in time.
- What?
- The spacecraft.
I was walking along. A spacecraft
landed right in front of me.
- Tell us.
- I read about this. Did it have lights?
You never saw so many lights.
It was like Broadway.
Then this door opened.
A creature came out,
had big suckers on his palms.
He walked like this.
Then he took his palms,
put 'em right on my face.
Took me over to Roxanne's house.
He said they wanted to observe me.
- At Roxanne's house?
- That's where they are, right now!
This is bullshit. We'll miss "Dallas."
Come on. Let's go.
- You think I'm nuts, don't you?
- No!
They wanted to ask me
about older women.
- Why?
- They wanted to have sex with them.
- Where?
- Here! Right here in Nelson.
They wanted to start
a colony of supermen...
who would have sex with older women
because they said, and I quote...
- "They really know what they're doing."
- We do!
- It's been so long.
- Girls!
Do you actually believe there are
creatures from outer space...
who want to have sex
with older women?
- Let's go and check it out.
- Oh, dear!
Hello. Testing, testing.
God, I was nervous last night.
Uncomfortable, I don't know.
Believe me, I didn't say anything.
I'm too dumb...
I'm too smart for that.
Yeah. What do you mean, nervous?
How nervous?
I was real nervous.
Yeah, nervous.
Real nervous?
Can I ask you
to stop the noise, please?
You mean, you know,
so nervous that you couldn't...
God, come on, you know.
It's embarrassing enough.
Okay, look.
I couldn't...
I couldn't do it the third time.
Hello. This is the moment
we've all been waiting for.
Let Oktoberfest begin!
This damn town.
You can't get anything going. Shit!
- Looks nice.
- C.D. In?
Yeah. Here.
- I'm catching a plane in 20 minutes.
- Why?
I got a call from the university.
I was right about the comet.
- That's fantastic!
- I wanted to tell you first.
You're the one person
who could appreciate it.
That's great!
You're famous.
- Is Chris around?
- No, I haven't seen him.
Well, maybe you can tell him
where I am.
I'm gonna be gone about a week.
Here's my address.
- Ask him to write me.
- All right.
- And tell him to knock me over.
- Yeah.
I was walking on air.
Now I'm walking on feathers
on pillows on air.
- Bye.
- G'bye.
- Beer?
- Yeah.
- Draft?
- Yeah, a little bit.
It's okay.
I can put on my sweater if I get...
That's really funny.
You can get so many guys in here
with no sense of humor at all.
I think a sense of humor's


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