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Рассказ домовладельца

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What a meeting!
We could have one every night.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- Good night.
l had fun. Please sing again.
- Well... Good bye.
- Good bye.
Are you still up?
Go to bed.
What's wrong?
What is it?
You're afraid of wetting the bed?
Isn't that right?
lf you do it again,
l'll throw you out.
- You understand?
- Yes.
Go to sleep.
l'll wake you up during the night.
Good night, Grandma.
- It's Auntie.
- Auntie, good night.
Your father's really hard-hearted.
A carpenter can find a job anywhere.
Feeding a child doesn't
take much.
He's your own after all.
Raising you this far,
why desert you now?
Your mother died long ago...
Your father's
a good-for-nothing...
You really are a poor kid,
what will you do?
Fast asleep already?
A kid is a kid...
Hello there
Oh, hello. Please sit down.
- Where have you been?
- The teacher's place.
Grinding wheat?
Yes. What was rationed
at your place?
- When was that?
- Yesterday. White flour.
Ah, before l forget.
My mother wants a brush.
l'm out of them now.
She needs it to clean
her false teeth.
l'll keep one for her next time.
Welcome. It's a nice day.
Hello, Mr. Kawayoshi. Have you
finished what l asked for?
- Well, no...
- Day after tomorrow?
He's a good dyer
but he takes ages.
Wait till next year...
No, within three or four days.
Don't worry. Do a good job.
Thank you.
- Candles and matches come today.
- OK.
See you...
Tomorrow, flour.
l see. Thanks for last night.
- Well, excuse me.
- Good bye.
- Here you go.
- l have something nice.
l got them at the teacher's.
Take one.
This is precious,
just like the old days.
lt must be expensive.
And it's delicious.
The man who sold me a mirror...
..could he find me a rubber hose?
- Oh, the man there.
- Would you ask him?
Sure, but he charges a lot.
l have no idea
how much others charge...
But l made a nice dresser
with the mirror he sold me
l see.
- Who is this?
- l'm in trouble.
- Whose child is that?
- He's homeless.
Either got lost or abandoned...
Don't you need a boy?
No, l need a rubber hose.
Do you know anyone
who will take this boy?
l've put him up
for two nights now.
- Come here, son.
- Don't waste it.
- It's OK.
- He won't appreciate it.
Come here, son.
Come here.
What do you have there?
Cigarette butts.
What will you do with them?
Do you smoke?
lt's for Dad.
What else do you have
in your pockets? Empty them.
l said empty them.
Filthy kid. Now, go away!
His father?
A Carpenter.
His house was destroyed.
That's why he picks up nails.
but still his father.
Time has changed.
As kids, we kept
asking parents for money
to buy candy and stuff.
There was nothing to worry about.
That's right.
Remember, Kiku, your sleeves were
always shiny with snot.
Tane, you used to do this.
Nowadays children don't do that.
But they're not relaxed.
Times are harder for them.
They became shy and started
picking up butts and nails...
We shouldn't let our kids do that.
It's not right for kids.
That's right, kids should be
more carefree...
What a life.
Well, l must be going.
- Don't forget the hose.
- l'll ask him.
- Here, son. Good bye.
- Good bye.
What did she give you?
Ten yen.
You should have thanked her.
Come here, son.
Come over here.
Go and buy a lottery ticket
with that ten yen.
You'll win, l'm sure you will.
You're more or less pure
minded, go and buy one.
- Do you know where?
- Yes.
Go, and win 2,000 yen.
Don't fool around on the way back.
- You're working hard.
- This is nothing. It's easy work.
l don't call it work.
lt's like killing time
with something to do.
Have you seen the portable shrine
l made for the festival?
My skill is wasted.
- Maybe l shouldn't.
- Shouldn't what?
Ask you a small favour.
Not at all. What is it?
A rubber hose, a long one.
A hose? It's hard to find.
lt's very expensive.
Are you buying it?
No, it's
Рассказ домовладельца Рассказ домовладельца

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