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Рассказ домовладельца

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l want them for souvenirs.
Go on, you're a good kid,
go on, hurry.
l'll bite you!
Fortune, Position of houses
Direction, Matrimony...
..and Luck.
Can a fortune-teller
really tell?
Sure. There's nothing more
positive than that.
But you went out
wearing waterproof boots,
and it turned out to be a sunny day.
Weather isn't my business.
The radio can tell you that.
- Welcome back.
- Oh, welcome back.
l know it was a long trip.
Did it go well?
No way.
His father wasn't there.
l wasted my time.
The train was full
l got in through a wind!ow.
The train fare had gone up.
Thanks, Tashiro.
- Sorry.
- What is he carrying?
Potatoes. l bought them
cheap at the station.
l didn't want to come
back empty-handed.
- Poor boy, he's worn out.
- Only a few pounds.
Did anyone come?
No, nobody.
We'll have a regular
meeting tonight.
- Oh, that's right.
- It's starting any minute.
Today's a lucky day
for Kawayoshi.
His son won 2,000 yen
in the lottery.
2,000 yen in new currency.
That's not bad at all.
Will he treat us tonight?
l hope so, too.
l'll get rid of the potatoes.
Put the potatoes down.
You can make a bed
can't you?
Go to bed early.
And don't wet the bed again.
We want you to remain
head of our group.
- No, let me resign.
- Please stay.
We will help out but you
must be the chief.
Don't fight us.
Everyone is asking you to stay.
- It's all settled then?
- Yes, yes.
- Well, then, l guess l have to.
- Thank you.
- That's the final decision.
- Thank you.
Can l serve up now?
Yes, bring it in.
This is great!
You made so much.
This isn't much but...
Hey, Hei-chan!
Hei-chan, why don't you come here!
Congratulations, Hei-chan.
And thank you!
Hei-chan is great.
He's a lucky boy.
- He really is.
- No...
His good attitude
brought him luck.
Luck falls on pure-minded people.
- Does it?
- Yes, it does.
You can't win if you wanted
2,000 yen.
- That's why children win.
- Is that so?
lf you try, you won't win.
lf l can't, you can't either.
That's why l don't do it.
But l go to the race track because
it depends on the horses.
- Please, everyone.
- Yes, let's start...
Sake for luck, huh?
This is the real sake.
This is good.
Let's drink and have some fun.
Thank you!
l hear you're good
at telling peep-show stories.
- No...
- Peep?
You know... this.
You can't judge people
by the way they look.
l thought you were decent.
What are you saying?
Remember the peep-shows at fairs?
You mean that picture-story show!
l loved it so much l got trachome.
Not trachome, it's trachoma.
Tashiro, sing it.
Don't bring that up now...
Sing it, Tashiro. Please.
- But...
- l'd love to hear that.
Come on, do it.
- Come on, Tashiro, l beg you.
- But...
''Come and see it
the show is starting!!''
Well, then...
It happened in Tokyo,
It's about a naval ensign
in the big city,
This is a Iove story,
A fragile Iove floating in the dark,
There was a beautiful girl,
The first child of
the viscount Kataoka,
She was Iike a bud of
cherry blossom,
Oh, what a beauty!
Her name was...
...Namiko Kataoka,
She married the ensign,
Baron Takeo Kawashima,
Their honeymoon was
in the mountains in Ikaho,
And when they were tired
of having fun,
they went back to their home
in Tokyo,
But being a military man,
the time had come to go to war,
He hurried to Zushi
to join his crew...
The sea was calm on that day,
As he was going aboard,
Namiko waved from the shore,
Crying, she shouted,
''Come home as soon as you can!''
And she Iooked at the paIe moon,
above the pine tree
with broken branches,
What a...
What a tragic...
...Iove story,
- Very good.
- You sang it well.
lt was great.
- Weren't you a professional?
- Oh, no.
Very well done, wonderful.
You're embarrassing me.
lt's true
better than fortune-telling.
Can we find any second-hand
peep-show gear for sale?
We haven't seen any
at fairs recently.
Рассказ домовладельца Рассказ домовладельца

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