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Рассказ домовладельца

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- No.
But l heard you talking...
Never mind.
You're back early today.
Hey, come here!
What's up?
l found this kid.
He followed me from Kudan.
- Homeless?
- No, he's just got lost.
He's from Chigasaki.
Can we put him up tonight?
Don't bother with him.
But l feel sorry for him.
Why should we do that?
Let someone else do it.
Take him to Tane.
Can't you put him up?
Not me. l hate kids.
Do you really?
Leave him with Tane.
He's a good boy.
l don't want to.
Take him over there.
l see.
Come on.
Good evening.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Hey, come here.
Look, Tane
would you like a boy?
l picked him up. l want
you to take him in.
What's this?
He followed me from Kudan.
And he won't leave.
Will you put him up tonight?
Why don't you put him up?
Tamekichi really doesn't want to.
lf he doesn't, l won't.
Don't say that,
he told me to ask you.
- Let him stay, will you?
- No thanks.
Look, l'm asking you...
No. l hate children.
Come on, have a heart.
Look, Mr. Tashiro
it's no joke.
- Please!
- Wait, Mr. Tashiro!
This is no way...
Dy it with the fan.
l'm in trouble.
You've got me in a mess.
- What is it?
- The boy.
He's a nuisance.
l won't take care of him anymore.
What's wrong?
- He wet the bed last night.
- Hum?
Don't 'Hum' to me.
He ruined my good futon.
He peed like a horse.
What a calamity!
Where is Tashiro?
He just left.
lt's all his fault.
l'm not keeping the boy.
So do something.
- Do what?
- Send him away, if you wish.
l took him for one night,
now it's your turn.
Don't be silly.
Who's being silly, just think!
You're responsible, too.
Tashiro found him
so you keep him here.
Not me, no thank you.
Not if he pees like a horse.
Why don't you
Ieave him somewhere?
Don't be stupid.
You do it, then.
What a thing to pick up
on the street...
Let's ask the Kawayoshis.
Yes, let them take him, all right?
No, we can't.
l have lots of work and children.
And not enough room...
You've got enough room.
A nice place with framed pictures.
There's no difference having
three or four children.
lt's not the same.
How about your place?
My place is no good.
Why is it no good?
Nothing's wrong with it.
Let him stay at your place.
He could help you.
That's right, let him stay.
Oh, come on.
Tashiro picked up a problem.
l guess someone must take
him back to Chigasaki.
Then, we can find his house.
And leave him there.
That's the best thing to do.
- How about it?
- Fine, but l won't do it.
- Oh, don't say that.
- No, count me out.
But someone has to go.
Then, you go.
- What do you think?
- It's a good idea.
- Will you go?
- Stop fooling around.
Tashiro picked up a problem.
All right, we'll draw lots.
lt's fair. No hard feelings.
Just bad luck for
whoever draws the one.
All right.
ls it OK, Kawayoshi?
- It's all right.
- l'll make the lots.
The X marks the one.
If you get it, you go.
lt's me.
So, it's you. Oh, l'm sorry.
l'm getting in deeper.
No hard feelings.
It's just luck.
lt's your lucky day.
What luck?
Oh, come on
how about some!tea?
You're kidding!
Hey, mine's got an X too.
That's right. Mine too.
Haste makes waste, right?
l see.
Keep it between us, all right?
Of course.
lt's a long trip, if she
finds out, she'll kill us.
No, we didn't know them well.
He's a carpenter and his
house was destroyed.
We just rented them a room
while he had a job here.
He was working in removals
but only for about ten days.
ls that right...
And a couple of days ago,
he left with the boy
to look for work in Tokyo.
Do you think he'll come back?
l don't think so.
He took everything with him.
The removal company might know
where he is...
l wonder...
Here you go.
Your father's just mean.
You didn't get lost.
You were abandoned.
Why don't you stay at that
house? They'll keep you.
Take this, but there's no more.
Eat up and go to that house.
All right?
What's this, now?
Get me some
Рассказ домовладельца Рассказ домовладельца

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