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Рассказ домовладельца

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you'll get over it soon
Excuse me
Who is it? Go and see
Yes. It's Dad!
I'm his father
You are too kind to look after him
Thank you very much
Not at all
I came to Tokyo on the 9th with him
And I lost him at Kudan
I looked for him all over
Finally I went to Chigasaki today
hoping he was there
And I was told that you had him
That's nothing, but you must
have been worried
Yes, you see, we only have each other
I even went to Hachioji
where we lost our house
Is that so? You had a hard time
Aren't you glad your dad
found you here?
Hey, say thank you to the lady
I'm sorry he has no manners
Thank you very much for everything
That's alright
Say thank you to her
and we must leave
A token of my thanks
I bought them at Chigasaki
You didn't have to do this
It's nothing, just potatoes
Thank you very much
Wait a minute
This is for the boy
Is it alright?
Thank you
It's very kind of you to do this...
Thank you
Not at all. Take care now
Son, come to see me with your Dad
once in a while
Be sure you come back here, alright?
Thank you very much
Say Good-bye to Auntie
Good-bye, Auntie
Don't lose your Dad again
So, his father came, eh?
I'm glad he found him
You can sleep peacefully now
So, he was lost, not deserted
I see. Anyway, I'm glad it came
to a happy ending
What's this? You don't have to cry
You didn't like the kid to begin with
Still you miss him?
I'm not crying because I'm sad
Just think, how happy he is now
You see, he got lost just as he said
I thought the father was a
real hardhearted man
But I was wrong, he's a real nice father
He was looking for him
all over the place
Now, he found his son
and they can live together.
Think how happy they are...
It just makes me cry.
Father's not a bad guy
he's very polite, too
He's sort of dignified
and got a gentle heart
Really? I'm glad to hear that
The kid is just a kid
Once he sees his Dad's face,
he's totally forgotten
all the butts and nails here
Is that so?
A father and a son, it's very nice
I'm happy
I wish I had pampered him a lot more
I regret picking on that innocent boy
like I did.
Come to think of it, our feelings
have changed a lot
Being selfish like we are now, won't do
Like pushing people away
to get on the train.
Eating our fill, ignoring others
who are starving.
We worry too much about our own lives
What you're saying is right
I realize it now
Children are marvelous
I only had him for a week
but he really made me think
I wish I could have lived with him longer
Tell me, Tashiro,
Can't I have a baby any more?
You? It'll be awkward
if you have a baby.
You're a widow
Oh, no, I mean, adopt one
or pick one up.
Then, it's possible
I got this urge, I want a child
Yes, a child is a wonder
Will you read my palm? If I can or not
Born in the year of the Wild Boar?
Then, go in that direction
Which direction is that?
Hongo or Shitaya area
Shitaya? Near Ueno park?
Saigo's statue is in Ueno
You'd better look around there
Near the statue of SaigoA Shochiku Film
nagaya shinshiroku
Screenplay by
Ozu Yasujiro, Ikeda  Tadao
Photography by Atsuta Yuharu
Art direction by Hamada Tatsuo
Music by Saito Ichiro
lida Choko
Aoki Hohi
Ozawa Eitaro
Yoshikawa Mitsuko
Kawamura Reikichi
Mimura Hideko
Ryu Chishu
Sakamoto Takeshi
Takamatsu Eiko, Nagafune Fujiyo
Kouno Yuichi
Tani Yoshino, Tonoyama Taiji,
Nishimura Seiji
- an Ozu Yasujiro film -
The moon has shadows
once in a while.
So do small human beings
who are easily led
into the darkness.
They still linger in the air.
Kind words... joy...
..and sweet concern...
lt all makes me feel like
l'm stabbing you in the back.
Believe me, it's not easy.
But try to understand,
and then leave me.
lt's harder than dying.
lf you keep sulking like this,
l would rather die...
l'm back.
But l am...
l'm home.
Welcome back.
- Is somebody
Рассказ домовладельца Рассказ домовладельца

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