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Рассказ домовладельца

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for any kid
the way you look.
Your glaring at him must have done it
That's right. I did it too much
but I apologized
Come to think of it, I wet the bed
at that age, too
I used to do that too
Anyway, I feel sorry for him
You know I think a boy like him
might become a great man
All the great men weren't all that bright
But rather stupid and dull
when they were little
That's what they say
And he was gathering nails
for a heartless father,
Picking up all the butts
he does have a gentle heart
I say he was some kid, yes
he sure was
I guess you lost a treasure
He's precious to you, isn't he?
You were fond of him, weren't you?
Sure you were
You like him very much already
Do you think so?
Sure, it's so obvious
Is that right? Hmmm
Why Humm, now?
I didn't realize it
That's right, that's the way it is
Already affection is being built
between you two
Like a dog, it starts to wag its tail
before you know it
It's the same thing
but you can't see the tails,
But both of you are wagging tails
before you are know it
The boy's tail is small and slender,
Your tail is fat and long, like a bulldog
Oh, stop it. I'll hit you
I hope a kind person picks him up
What now?
I think the boy gave them to me
It's dangerous here
I'll come again. Bye
What will you do if the boy
comes back? Treat me?
Tane, will you look after
him again, please?
And don't scold him so much
He's so afraid of you
he wet his bed again.
You found him?
Where was he?
At Kudan, where I first found him
He's scared of getting scolded by you
and has no place to go.
I think he suddenly missed his father
I couldn't help but feel sorry for him
Will you let him stay again?
Don't scold him now
He's sorry, and he's outside
Take care of him
Here you are, thank you
I'll go home, too
Come on now, you must be hungry
aren't you?
You are hungry, aren't you? Now, eat it
Thank you
Sorry there's no rice. I ate your share
And I didn't cook any tonight
Tell me, do you like me?
You do? You can stay here with me
Will you be my son? Eh? You will?
Eat this one, leave the burnt one
Eat a lot, you can eat all of it
Tell me, what is it like?
It's great, I never felt so good in my life
You call it, maternal love
You look like a grandma
nursing a grandchild
Stop that. I'll hit you
Look, that cap is too big
It fell off 3 times now
Don't worry, his head will
grow to fit it soon
By the time he goes to school
it'll fit him
want me to carry the cap?
Auntie, did we see badgers?
We saw them
The cage next to the rabbits
When do the badgers change shape?
Only at midnight
Can we stay here till midnight?
No, we're going to a photo studio
Why don't you join us?
It's bad luck with 3 in a picture
That's superstition
Right, photographer?
Yes, please
I'll be in the center
Please, it's alright
No, I don't like pictures
Come on, you'll only look good
next to me
No, I won't
Don't be modest
We look alright?
The boy should have got a haircut
But his nose is running all the time
so I didn't take him
The cap's too big
Is that right? Yes, it is
Shall I hold it? Alright?
Yes, it's better
Is it?
Are you ready?
Now, don't move, shut your mouth
Your nose's clean? Now
you just look at the ball
Mother, quiet please
Close your mouth, please
Here we go
Now. Thank you
How did I look?
Like a lady
I put on my best look. Did I look funny?
You looked exactly like it
Like what?
That thing we saw at the zoo
Why, you... I'll hit you
You sure your nose was clean?
Didn't we have fun?
The tempura was good, wasn't it?
Want to take it off?
Isn't she a nice lady
buying you this nice sweater?
Wear it carefully
You'll wear this to school too
Aren't you tired now?
I'm exhausted
Would you hit my shoulders
like a good boy?
A little lower. Yes
Get your hair cut tomorrow
You'll be a good boy
when you stop wetting the bed
You sure are a good boy
Рассказ домовладельца Рассказ домовладельца

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