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Рассказ домовладельца

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be flour
I see, thanks for last night
Well, excuse me
Have some
I have something nice
I got it at teacher's
Take it
This is precious, just like the old days
It must be expensive
And it's delicious
The man who sold me a mirror
Has he a rubber hose to sell?
Oh, the man there
Would you ask him?
Sure, but it won't be cheap
I have no idea how much it is
But the mirror he sold me
I made a nice dresser
I see
What's this?
I am in a mess
Whose child?
He's homeless, who knows
if he got lost.
Or was deserted
Don't you need a boy?
Not me, I need a rubber hose
Do you know anyone
who'll take this boy?
I've put him up for 2 nights now
Come here, son
Don't give it to him, it's too good
Don't say that
He won't appreciate it, it's expensive
Come here, son
What do you have there?
Cigarette butts
What're you doing with them?
I give them to Dad
What do you have in your pocket?
Empty it
I say empty it
Filthy kid. Now, go away!
What's his father do?
Carpenter. His house in Hachioji
was destroyed
That's why he picks up nails
Even a cold-hearted father
to him it's his only father
Time has changed
When we were little, we kept
getting coins from father
To buy candy and stuff
There was nothing to worry about
in the whole world
That's right
Okiku, you were good at
blowing your nose like this
Your sleeve always shone from snot
Tane, you used to do this
Children nowadays don't do that
they're different
Yes, I think times are harder for them
They worry too much about living
picking up butts.
And nails, we shouldn't let them do it
It's not right for kids
That's right, kids should be
more carefree.
Well, I must be going
Don't forget the hose
I'll ask him
Here you are. Good-bye
What did she give you?
10 Yen
You should say thank you
if someone gives you something
Come here, son
Come over here
With that 10 Yen go and
buy a lottery ticket
You'll win money, I'm sure you will
You're more or less pure minded
go and buy one
You know where they sell them?
Go, and win 2,000 Yen
Don't stop to count the money
on the way back
You work hard
This is nothing. Easy job
I don't call it work
It's like killing time with something to do
Have you seen the portable shrine
in Kuroecho I made?
What a pity my skill is left unused!
Well, maybe I shouldn't
Shouldn't what?
Can I ask you a small favour?
That's alright, what is it?
A rubber hose, a long one
A hose? It's hard to find
Even if I do, it's very expensive
You want to buy it?
No, it's for, you know
The mistress of the geisha house?
She won't mind the price
I'll find it for her
I've got a bicycle tire
No puncture in it, brand new. Good one
Hi, there
Excuse me
Father, you are home today
Sure, I'm home today
and what is it today?
I went to the beauty parlor
but it was so crowded.
Yuki, I haven't seen you for some time
you look good
Is that right?
Gaining weight nowadays
is almost a miracle.
Father, have you had lunch?
Did you bring something good?
No, but if you haven't
I thought I'd eat with you
You must be kidding
Without bringing anything
you want to share my lunch?
You see what a father has
to go through?
Well, see you later
How was it? Did you win?
I didn't
You didn't win? Nothing?
They gave you cigarettes?
They didn't?
You lost 10 Yen for nothing?
You're stupid
Your everyday conduct is no good
losing 10 Yen.
Hey, don't cry, you're a boy
Here, take this
You are silly, really!
Look, I lost 10 Yen
you made me lose it
I lost 10 Yen for nothing!
Oh, welcome back
The soda you want, I found it
but you must wait 2-3 days
Oh, thank you very much
Thank you so much
Don't you want a sweater?
Turtle neck, a nice one
What's going on?
Tane is mad or something
Well, you ate them, right?
If you did, say you ate them!
Or I'll really punish you!
You stubborn kid!
Aren't you going to tell me?
Didn't you eat them?
Now don't lie
Рассказ домовладельца Рассказ домовладельца

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