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Рассказ домовладельца

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2000 yen in the lottery
2000 yen in new currency
It's not bad at all
He'll treat us tonight, I hope
I hope so, too
I'll get rid of the potatoes now
Put the potatoes down
You can make a bed, can't you?
Go to bed early
Don't wet the bed again, you hear?
We want you to remain
head of our group
No, let me quit this time
Don't say that, you must do it
We'll help, but you must be the chief
Don't fight us
Everyone's asking you
So, that's settled
It's all settled, yes
Well, then, I guess I have to
Thank you
That's the final decision
Can I serve now?
Yes, bring it out
This is great!
You've prepared so much
This is not much but
Hey, Heichan, come here!
Congratulations, and thank you!
Heichan, you're great. He's a lucky boy
You've got to be good or
luck won't come to you
Luck will fall on a pure minded person
Is that so?
That's right. You can't win
if you wanted 2000 yen
That's why kids win
Is that so?
You try, you won't win
If I can't, you won't either
That's why I don't do it
But I go to the race track
It depends on horses
Please, everyone
Yes, let's start
I don't see any tea leaves
This is the real sake!
This is good. Let's drink and have fun
Tashiro, I hear you're good at
peep story telling
You know, this
One can't judge people by the surface
I thought you were decent!
What're you trying to say?
Remember the peep show at fairs?
Ah, you mean that!
I used to love it so much that
I got trachome
Not trachome, it's trachoma
Tashiro, sing it
Don't bring it up now
Sing it, Tashiro. Please
That's something I must see
Come on, do it
Come one, Tashiro, I beg you
"Come and see it, the show is open"
Well, then
It happened in Tokyo
a naval ensign in the big city...
fell deeply in love with
an army general's daughter
The first child of Viscount Kataoka
Her name was Namiko
oh, what a beauty
She married the ensign
Baron Takeo Kawashima
They honeymooned at Ikaho
And when tired of the game
they returned to Tokyo
As a military man, the time
to go to war had come
He hurried to Zushi to join his crew
As he was going aboard
Namiko waved from shore
Crying, she shouted
"Come home as soon as you can!"
And he looked at the pale moon
above the pine trees
What a tragedy of Hototogisu
Very good!
You sing it well
It was great
Weren't you a professional?
Oh, no
Very well done, wonderful
You embarrass me
It's true. Better than fortune telling
Isn't there secondhand peep-show
gear for sale?
That's right, we haven't seen one
for a long time
A meeting like tonight
I can have it every night
Good-night, I had fun
Tashiro, do that again soon
Well, good-bye
Are you still up?
Go to bed, go on
Afraid of wetting the bed
so you can't sleep?
If you do it again, I'll throw you out
Remember that, alright?
Then go to sleep, I'll wake you up
during the night
Good-night, grandma
Auntie, good-night
Your father's really hardhearted
A carpenter nowadays
can find a job anywhere
To feed a kid won't take much
After all, that's your own child
Raising you this far
why desert you like this?
Your mother died long ago
Your father's a good-for-nothing
You sure are a poor kid
what will you do from now?
Fast asleep already? A kid is a kid.
Come in and sit down
Where've you been?
The teacher's place. Grinding wheat?
Yes. What was rationed
at your place this tome?
When was that?
Yesterday, white flour
Ah, before I forget
My mother wants a pampas
grass brush
I run out of them now
She needs it to clean her false teeth
I'll keep one next time
Hello. Welcome. A very nice day
Hello. Are you finished with
the steaming I asked you?
Well, no
Day after tomorrow?
Well, no
He's a good dyer, but he takes ages
Everything's, wait till next year
That's not true
I'll hurry up, 3 or 4 days
Alright, do a good job
Yes, sure. At 1:00 PM you get
candles and matches
Tomorrow will
Рассказ домовладельца Рассказ домовладельца

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