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Рассказ домовладельца

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9th with him.
And l lost him at Kudan.
l looked for him everywhere.
l went to Chigasaki
hoping he was there.
And l was told you went there, too...
That's nothing, but you must
have been worried.
Yes, you see, we only
have each other...
l even went to Hachioji
where we lost our house.
ls that so?
You've had a hard time...
Aren't you glad your dad
found you here?
Say thank you to the lady.
l'm sorry he has no manners.
Thank you so much
for everything.
That's all right.
Say thank you to the lady,
and then we must leave.
A token of my thanks,
l bought them at Chigasaki.
You didn't have to do this.
lt's nothing, just potatoes.
Thank you very much.
Wait a minute.
This is for the boy.
ls it all right?
Thank you.
lt's very kind of you... thank you.
Not at all.
Take care now.
Son, come to see me with your dad.
Be sure to come.
Thank you so much.
Say goodbye to Auntie.
Goodbye, Auntie.
Don't lose your dad again.
So, his father came, then?
l'm glad he found him.
You can sleep peacefully now.
He wasn't abandoned, then?
l see. Anyway, l'm glad it
came to a happy ending.
What's wrong?
You don't have to cry.
You didn't like the kid
to begin with...
But you miss him anyway?
l'm not crying because l'm sad.
Just think, how happy
he is now...
You see, he got lost
like he said.
l thought the father
was hard-hearted.
But he's a good, nice father.
He was searching for him.
Now, he found his son
and they can live together...
Think how happy they are...
It just makes me cry...
The father's not a bad man.
He's very polite, too.
He's sort of dignified,
with a gentle heart.
The boy must be happy.
l'm glad to hear that.
He is just a boy
and once he saw his dad's face
he totally forgot
all the butts and nails here.
ls that so?
A father and son
it was very nice to see them.
l wish l had pampered him
a lot more...
l regret picking on that
innocent boy like l did...
Come to think of it
my feelings have change!d a lot.
Being selfish like we are now,
won't do.
Like pushing people away
to get on the train...
Eating our fill, ignoring
others who are starving...
We worry too much
about our own lives.
What you're saying is right.
l realise it now.
l'm ashamed of myself.
Children are wonderful.
He was only with me for a week
but he really made me think.
l wish l could have
lived with him longer.
Tell me, Tashiro...
Can't l have a baby any more?
You? It'll be awkward
if you have a baby...
You're a widow.
l mean, adopt one or pick one up...
Then, it's possible.
l've got this urge, l want a child.
Yes, a child is a wonderful thing.
Will you read my palm?
To see whether or not...
ls your zodiac the wild boar?
Then, go in that direction.
Which direction?
Hongo or Shitaya area.
Shitaya? Near Ueno Park?
Yes. Captain Saigo's
statue is in Ueno.
Look around there.
Captain Saigo... the statue...
THE ENDEven the moon is shadowed
once in a while
Let alone small human beings
Easily shadowed into darkness
They still linger in the air
Your sweet words and concern
make me feel I am stabbing you
in the back.
Believe me, it's not easy
But try to understand, and divorce me
It's harder than death for me
If you shun me, I'd rather die
I'm back
But I am
I'm home
Welcome back
Somebody here?
But I heard you
Forget it. You're back early today
Hey, come here!
I picked up this kid
He followed me from Kudan
No, just lost. He's from Chigasaki
Let's put him up for the night
Don't bother with him
But I feel sorry for him
Why should we do that?
Let someone else do it
Take him to Tane
You won't put him up?
Not me. I hate kids
Leave him with Tane
He's a good kid
Not me. Take him over there
I see
Come on
Good evening
Good evening
Good evening
Hey, come here
You see, Tane
Do you like to have a kid?
I picked him up, and I want you
to take him in
What's all
Рассказ домовладельца Рассказ домовладельца

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