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Рассказ домовладельца

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The mistress of
the geisha house?
She won't mind the price.
l'll find it for her.
l've got a bicycle tire.
No punctures in it, brand new.
A good one.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Excuse me...
Father, you are home today.
Sure, and what is it today?
The beauty parlour was so crowded...
l see.
Yuki, l haven't seen you for a while,
and you've put on weight.
- Have l?
- It's a miracle.
lt's hard to do nowadays.
Have you had lunch, Dad?
No. Did you bring something good?
No. l thought l'd join you.
You must be kidding.
You don't bring anything,
and then eat my lunch?
You see what a father
has to go through?
No wonder she put on weight.
Sorry, l've got to go.
How did it go, then? Did you win?
Show me.
l didn't.
- You didn't win? Nothing?
- No.
- Didn't they give you cigarettes?
- No.
- They didn't?
- No.
- You lost ten yen for nothing?
- Yes.
You're stupid.
lt's your bad attitude,
and you lost ten yen for it.
Now then, don't cry, you're a boy...
Here, l'll give it back to you.
Take this.
You really are silly, aren't you?
You made me lose money.
l lost ten yen for nothing.
Oh, welcome back.
The soda you wanted, l found it,
but it'll be a few days.
Oh, thank you very much.
Sorry for the trouble.
Not at all.
Don't you want a jacket?
With a stiff collar, a nice one.
What's up?
Tane is mad or something.
Well, you ate them, didn't you?
lf you did, say you ate them.
Or l'll really punish you.
You're a stubborn boy.
Come on tell me.
Did you eat them?
Now, don't lie to me.
- You ate them, didn't you?
- Tane!
What are you mad about?
This kid ate my dried persimmons.
Tane you don't
have to be so mad.
l'm not only mad about
the persimmons.
l'm mad because
he's so stubborn.
Did you eat them?
Don't shout at him like that.
Why not? Leave me alone.
Well, l don't know
what to say...
Tane, it was me who ate them.
What? You ate them?
Yeah, they wanted me to...
- Who did?
- Well...
l get this craving
for sweet things...
And l happened to see them...
You didn't have to eat the best ones.
They seemed to want me
to eat them...
You should listen to yourself.
What a man!
You owe the boy an apology.
l guess l was wrong,
l'm sorry, son. Forgive me.
You really did have a hard time.
l'm sorry.
Look at that!
l'm sorry, son.
l was wrong.
lt's OK now.
l know you didn't eat them.
Poor boy, it was my mistake.
Will you forgive me?
Stop crying. Here you are.
You mean he did it again?
What an impossible kid!
Your scolding didn't sink in?
Like a horse again?
And he's fanning it again?
No, he's missing.
You must have scolded him.
No way.
He's been missing all morning.
He was acting funny and
Ieft before breakfast...
His futon was all put away,
and he's not around.
Where did he go?
lt's after 2 o'clock, isn't it?
l'm afraid he won't
come back at all.
This is a case of
You think so? l wonder
where he went...
He has no place to go anyway.
He's like an alley-cat.
Silly kid, he'll get hungry.
Don't worry, he'll live on garbage.
lt's good riddance for you.
The little devil's gone.
You think so?
You were nagging him again.
No, l wasn't.
l mean, yesterday.
l scolded him a little yesterday.
About the persimmons,
he was so stubborn.
He never spoke. Just tears
came out of him...
What could he say?
He didn't eat them.
There we go.
But he was tough.
He kept on glaring at me
like a stubborn old mule.
He was so stubborn
that l got really mad.
So l glared back at him.
Poor boy.
The guy over there
said he took them.
l was a little too hard.
You were always short-tempered.
And when you're mad,
your face...
lt's especially scary.
lt's too much for any child.
Your glaring at him did it.
That's right. l did it too much.
So l apologised.
l used to wet the bed
at that age, too.
l used to do that too.
Anyway, l feel sorry for him.
A boy like him might
become a great man.
All great men weren't
all that
Рассказ домовладельца Рассказ домовладельца

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