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inside me.
I felt it tear loose
and take flight.
You said that
to Greta Garbo...
in "Napoleon's Mistress."
You'd have been a fantastic
Lady Catharine.
If you'd put yourself...
completely into my hands,
I could teach you, mould you
into a leading lady;
clay... in the hands
of the master sculptor.
"Moonlight on Broadway."
Carole Lombard.
The scene on the top
of the Empire State Building.
You can't be comfortable
in that gown.
They're beautiful.
What am I doing?
You kidnapped me.
I'm so confused.
I don't know
what to think.
Do you want me
to try this on?
Could you come in here,
Can you help me?
I finally played a scene
with Neville Sinclair.
Hello? Hello!
Can anyone hear me?
This is an emergency.
Can you hear me?
[Radio] Sinclair?
Sind sie das?
Warum rufen sie an?
My God!
Neville Sinclair is a...
A what?
A fascist?
All of the above.
[Wicked Laugh]
Hey, Peev?
Hey, Cliff!
Are you okay?
- Patsy, you scared the livin'...
heck outta me.
- Sorry.
[Telephone Ringing]
- Peev?
- Wrong. This Secord?
- Wanna talk to your girlfriend?
- She's safe out of town.
- Cliff?
- Jenny, where are you?
That's enough. Just to let
you know we're serious.
You wanna see your girlfriend,
bring us the rocket.
Write this down. Griffith Observatory,
4 a.m., by the statues.
Come alone or we're gonna
have to kill the girl.
What's happening?
- What are they doing to Jenny?
- Quiet!
I gotta think.
Patsy, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean
to yell at ya.
Remember the guy
who saved Malcolm today?
- The Rocketeer?
- He's gonna help me find Jenny.
Remember me?
All I did was bypass the pressure valve
and that solved your throttle problem.
But adding a rudder to the helmet...
that was ingenious.
Nothin' to it, Howard.
Just basic aviation.
[Wooly] We're gonna make
your life miserable.
Good to see you, son.
- You too, pal.
- This is all he had on him.
There's no sign
of the rocket.
He must've ditched it,
but he ain't talkin'.
Wooly, take off
the handcuffs.
- You know who I am?
- What pilot doesn't, Mr Hughes?
I designed the Cirrus X-3,
the rocket pack.
It was stolen
from my factory.
I didn't take it.
I told him everything and he
believed it. Give the man his rocket.
- I can't. Not yet.
- We agreed to give it back...
to its rightful owner.
That's him.
[Hughes] I don't think
you know the game you're playing.
Go ahead, roll it.
The German prototype had
the same problem as our first design.
The combustion chamber
would overheat and explode.
My boys figured it out:
A double-walled chamber
into which the fuel is pumped,
cool the chamber and preheat
the fuel at the same time.
The German experiment
didn't seem...
like much
to worry about.
But when we got our hands
on this next film,
we realized the scope
of their plan.
Keep watching, kid.
It cost a man's life...
to get this
out of Germany.
Where's my rocket pack,
You gotta let me use it
one more time.
I'm tired of
square dancing with you.
I could slap you with grand theft,
espionage, and that's my short list.
- Wooly, give me the cuffs.
- They got my girl.
- Oh, God, Cliff, no!
- They set up a rendezvous to
swap Jenny for the rocket.
I understand how you feel,
but let us handle this.
I gotta go alone or
they're gonna kill her.
I'll give you your rocket
back tomorrow. I swear.
Those guys are
playing for keeps.
- I can handle Valentine.
- The Valentine gang is hired muscle.
They're working
for a Nazi agent,
someone we think is highly
placed in Hollywood society,
someone our intrepid G-men
have been unable to identify.
- Neville Sinclair.
It's Neville Sinclair!
- What?
- Come on!
- It makes perfect sense.
That's why he was bossing Eddie's men
and why he has Jenny.
Nice try. We're taking him


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