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worry, folks.
It's all part of the show.
Oh, nooo!
Malcolm, wake up.
Wake up!
Get up!
Get out of here.
It's all part of the show.
He's going west!
He's going west!
- [Honking]
- Go, go, go! Get out of the way!
- Get off the phone!
- You heard me... a flying man!
- Hold the front page!
- I said... a rocket man!
Oh, no!
Whoa! Aaah!
Watch it!
Big gopher.
Oh, no!
- Cliff!
- Huh?
I like it!
What in the hell
is the matter with you?
Are you trying
to kill yourself?
We don't know how long this thing
stays up, how much fuel's in her...
If you wanna look around
you gotta use your eyeballs.
This thing's got a rudder.
If you turn your head,
you change course. Hear what I'm sayin'?
You banged that up good. I don't know
if I'm gonna be able to fix that.
Peevy, you can
fix anything.
Well... uh-oh! We got company.
Must be the news boys.
- You put on quite a show.
- They can't find out who we are.
Whoever owns this is
gonna want it back...
and I'm just gettin'
the hang of it.
[Engine Cranking]
- Put it in neutral.
- What?
Put it in neutral!
You steer, I'll push.
Get in the car.
[Reporter] How 'bout
some background on the flyin' man?
- Yeah, give it to us.
- What's his name?
Sorry, boys. It's a trade secret...
all part of the mystery.
- Why don't you call him Rocket Boy?
- That's lousy!
- What about Rocket Man?
- That's worse.
- What about Missile Man?
- That stinks.
Come on, Bigelow,
give us a better name.
How about
- Bingo!
- That'll work. Rocketeer it is.
Extra, extra!
Man flies without plane!
Read all about it!
- It's so romantic.
- Bet he's handsome.
I wish he'd
rescue me.
Extra, extra!
Ready on the set.
Let's go. Let's shoot.
Congratulations, gentlemen.
Thanks to the diligence
of the FBI,
this vacuum cleaner
will not fall into the wrong hands.
Mr Bigelow, FBI.
We'd like a word with you.
- Must be the maid's day off.
- Somebody's been lookin' for something.
Give me some light.
Mother of mercy!
He's been
folded in half.
Looks like he was
writin' something.
Palm Terrace.
[Peevy] If the vertical thrust
is 1-28 inches per second...
- [Squeaking]
- Cliff?
- [Glass breaking]
- [Peevy] What do you want?
- What are you doin' here?
Get out of here.
- Peevy!
Cliff, get me out!
Slats, Murphy,
come with us.
Murph, wait here
for the high sign.
Where is it?
Where's what?
The rocket!
Sure you got
the right house?
Secord, Peabody!
Open up! FBI.
Get down!
Let 'em have it, boys.
- Clifford!
- Peevy!
## ["When They
Begin The Beguine"]
- Hello, Neville.
- Hello, Clark.
# When they begin #
# The beguine #
# It brings back
the sound #
# Of music so tender #
# It brings back the night
of tropical splendour #
# It brings back
a memory #
# And a dream #
[W.C. Fields] Neville...
you old scalawag!
Hello, Bill.
How are you?
Fallen off any
chandeliers lately?
Let me introduce you.
Miss Jenny Blake,
- Mr W. C. Fields.
- Charmed, my dear,
- Jenny... what a
euphonious appellation.
- Jenny...
Excuse me for a moment.
I won't be long. Bill, look after her.
I thought you'd
never ask. Scram.
My little kumquat,
I'm fully prepared...
to listen to
your life story.
Okay, I'll
tell him.
Spanish Johnny... he's checking
on the diner where the flyers hang out.
All right, Stevie.
Make me a Bromo, will you?
What do you want?
Everything okay?
We treatin' you good?
Get to the point.
I'm busy.
- Have you found the rocket?
- Busy, huh?
My guys are tearing up the
town looking for that rocket...
and you're busy...
romancin' some dame.
- That dame... happens to
be Secord's girlfriend.
- Good.
She'll tell us
where Secord is.
My boys'll get the truth
out of her in two minutes.
Valentine... we're gonna do
what I think is necessary.
And that includes breakin'
one of my


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