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back here.
Hold it, you're leaking
like a sieve.
If you'd hit that button,
we'd be all over the map.
- Can you fix it?
- If I had a couple of hours.
We don't have a couple of minutes!
We need something quick.
Let's see if our luck's
still holdin'.
Go on!
- Peevy, stand clear.
- What was that?
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
It's so elegant.
You make it so.
Here's to you...
and to the extraordinary way
your face catches the light.
You must let me have
this dance.
There's no music.
I hear music.
That's Neville Sinclair.
One day, Jenny,
a man will look into
those eyes and he'll drown...
and never be saved.
## [Big Band]
## [Big Band]
# When you're alone #
# Who cares
for starlit skies #
# When you're alone
the magic moonlight dies #
- Is it something I said?
- No, it's nothing.
Oh, Jenny, I know
that look all too well.
- Is it your boyfriend?
- I'm sorry, Neville.
It's just that Cliff and I
talked about coming here.
Tell me about him.
At least give me a chance
to know the competition.
he's a little rough
around the edges.
He can be thoughtless
And then he can be the
sweetest guy in the world.
He gave me these little
oranges when we first met.
- How nice.
- My family has a small farm.
- Cliff was coming through,
dusting the groves.
- He's a flier?
Yeah. He flies
racing planes like this one.
At least he did
until yesterday.
- He was almost killed.
- What happened?
We didn't order anything.
Go on.
[Cliff] Yes, sir.
A fan of yours sent some soup over.
You were saying?
It was very silly.
He completely
missed the runway.
I don't know why the
real pilots let him fly.
I see. At least I'm feeling
better about the competition.
Have you
worked here long?
Oh, yes.
I waited on you last time.
So... um...
where is he now?
He's probably hatching
some harebrained scheme.
Now he has an engine.
You strap it on...
I'm sorry.
- You idiot!
- How clumsy of me.
Go and get something
to clean this up.
- I'm sorry, Jenny.
- Will you just excuse me for a minute?
- Please stay. Sit down.
- I'll be right back.
Are you out of your mind?
What are you doing here?
- Listen to me.
- You're jealous.
I'm not jealous!
Jenny, Bigelow's been murdered.
Remember the rocket
we found?
The people that are looking for it
murdered Bigelow to get to me.
Now they're after you. They have
your picture, the one from the Gee Bee.
Jenny, prepare yourself
for a shock.
I'm the Rocketeer.
- The rocka-who?
- For cryin' out loud!
Haven't you read the papers?
- No, I've been working.
- It's them!
The guys
with the snapshot.
You gotta get out
of here.
Get in a cab,
go to your mom's in Redlands...
and stay there
until you hear from me.
Give me one good reason
why I should believe this?
If anything ever happened
to you, I'd go out of my mind.
Go on, get out of here.
And don't let them see you.
Thank you.
That's him.
Now go get him!
Cutting in.
Thank you!
He's in the laundry room.
Hit it!
The laundry chute!
Get him! Get him!
- It's the flying man.
- It's the Rocketeer.
- Lock the doors.
We'll trap him like a fly.
- Right.
He's heading
for the door.
Get the rocket!
Don't go, Jenny.
Our evening's just begun.
to my home.
It's the chloroform.
The effects will pass
in a moment.
Do you have to drug all
your women to seduce them?
You're part of this.
You kidnapped me.
Against my will, believe me.
I'm as much a victim as you.
They're blackmailing me.
These are ruthless men.
Neville, I'm scared.
Oh, there, there.
Don't be frightened.
when we danced,
I felt something
move inside me.
I felt it tear loose
and take flight.
You said that
to Greta Garbo...
in "Napoleon's Mistress."
You'd have been a fantastic
Lady Catharine.
If you'd put yourself...
completely into my hands,
I could teach you,

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