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secret room
and the Germans on the radio.
- Relax, Frankenstein. You ain't bullet proof.
- Talk fast, Sinclair.
- You tell him, Eddie.
- Shut up!
Come on, Eddie,
I'm paying you well.
Does it matter
who I work for?
It matters to me.
I may not make an honest buck,
but I'm 100% American.
And I don't work
for no two-bit Nazi.
Let her go.
Los, los!
It's your move, Eddie.
- Ergreif die rakete. Schnell!
- Jawohl!
Haltet sie in schach.
Goodbye, Eddie.
Happy Valentine's Day.
This is the FBI!
Throw down your guns.
- Shoot him!
- No!
Lousy krauts!
Let 'em have it!
He's got the girl!
Watch out for that Zeppelin.
It's full of hydrogen.
One bad shot,
we'll all fry.
Come on, boys.
We got 'em on the run.
- Mein herr...
- Get this ship out of range.
- Schnell!
- Klar.
Sie haben die rakete nicht?
Antworten sie mir!
Where's the rocket?
We've got the girl.
The rocket
will come to us.
We're losing 'em.
Maybe not.
Up on the dome.
It's him!
It's the Rocketeer.
Go get 'em, kid.
- Stimmt was nicht?
- Das ruder.
- Irgendwas ist los mit dem ruder hier.
- Lieber gott!
Also was?
Wo ist er?
Spinnst du, Sinclair?
Was ist mit dem fraeulein da?
Halt die fresse!
Du ignorierst mich.
Ich habe meine stelle.
Do not worry,
Herr Sinclair.
My pilot is the
finest in Germany.
We are in capable hands.
He will not let us down.
Das ist deine schuld!
We are losing altitude.
We must drop some weight.
You, you...
For the fatherland.
Beeil dich!
Da oben ist der mann.
- Los!
- Ja.
Herr Sinclair...
I've had a bellyful of you
and your cheap heroics.
Hand over the rocket or I'll
blow her brains... all over the cabin.
Don't give it to him.
Cliff, you can't!
I have to.
Herr kapitaen!
Slide it.
If she moves,
kill her.
Where's your stuntman?
I do my own stunts.
No! No!
For God's sakes, Sinclair.
Help us get these flames out.
Goodbye, Jenny.
I wish I could take you with me.
Everything about you
is a lie.
It wasn't lies, Jenny.
It was acting.
I'll miss Hollywood.
I don't think so.
Jenny, this thing's full of hydrogen.
When the fire hits...
I love you, Cliff.
Run, Jenny!
Steady as she goes, Howard.
We're only gonna get one pass.
- Drop the ladder.
- Right.
Jump for it, Clifford!
Let's get outta here!
- Hi, Millie.
- Morning, how you doing?
Morning, boys.
"Film fans were saddened
by the news...
"that actor Neville Sinclair
was killed in the tragedy...
when flaming debris fell on
his touring car. "
That's terrible.
That was a nice car.
You look awful blue for a guy
who pretty much saved the world.
I got the cracked ribs
to prove it.
You got me.
She's a beauty, Mr Hughes.
Isn't she?
In another month, she'll
be ready for the nationals.
- Miss Blake, will you excuse us for just a moment?
- Of course.
I've been meaning to ask you,
what was it like strapping...
that thing to your back and
flying like a bat out of hell?
It was the closest I'll ever
get to heaven, Mr Hughes.
maybe not.
See you around,
Oh... don't ever
fly her without this.
Isn't it pretty?
I didn't even get
a chance to thank him.
You don't have to, son.
He saw the look on your face.
I have something
for you too.
it's for Peevy.
Oh, no!
What was that line again?
"Oh, my prince... "
- "would that you'd drink of my lips... "
- Thanks.
I don't mind
if I do.
Clifford, take a look
at this here.
I bet if we increase
the manifold pressure...
and switch the
fuel-to-air ratio...
just favouring the fuel...
Hey, Goose!
You wanna take a look?
to the rescue!
Ripped by supang
Resync: Xenzai[NEF]Keep her straight...
It's your first time up, so
don't do anything interesting.
- Who me?
- Yeah, you.
Remember, she stalls out
at about 100.
Keep the air speed up,
otherwise you'll be drifting all


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