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Me and Peevy
found something...
that's gonna get us
back on our feet.
- What do you mean, found something?
- It's an engine...
But you strap it to your back...
and it makes you fly
without wings.
You knocked down half
the castle to tell me about an engine?
You're always saying
you're the last to know.
Cliff, I meant
the important things.
- This is important.
- So is this acting job.
- Acting?
- Yes, acting.
Honey, you're walking
through the scenery.
That's not fair.
This is a good job.
The director thinks
I'm talented.
What's this?
Pay voucher. The director
wants you off the picture.
- You know this is a closed set.
- I have to go.
Come on. You know
what a closed set means?
- Where's that girl I told you to fire?
- I fired her.
I'm Neville Sinclair.
- You must be...
- Jenny Blake.
I... I'd hate
to think...
that I may have been... I'm responsible
for your having been dismissed.
- Will you stay?
- But it's... really my fault.
Have you read for the part
of the Saxon princess?
I think you might be
wonderful in the role.
I'll see that you do. Perhaps
we could discuss it over dinner.
I've got a table at the South Seas Club
if you're not too bored with the club.
- I'd love to Mr...
- Neville.
- Neville.
- Tonight then.
Let's get all the
atmosphere over here.
Ladies in waiting?
We're waiting! Let's go.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the Travelair Mystery Ship
has taken over the lead.
We have clocked him at
192 miles per hour.
Five cents!
- Here you are.
- Malcolm.
- I sold seven.
- Good. Here's more.
As you can see,
Miss Los Angeles is trailing badly.
She was down with some
mechanical problems...
- and she may be in trouble.
- Park it away from the runway.
- What's wrong with that kid? I told him 9:00.
- He'll be here.
If he ain't in the air
in 5 minutes, find a new hangar.
Howard in the Great Lakes Biplane...
is really pouring it on...
runnin' 3rd but movin'!
This could end up
in a three-way heat.
I know what Wilmer told Sinclair's goon,
but the rocket ain't in hangar three.
There's an old plane
but the only thing in it was this.
- That's it?
- We searched this place from hell to breakfast.
I want you to start over.
Turn it inside out, upside down.
Keep your eyes open
for this dame.
She might be the one who knows
where this guy is who found our package.
Okay, Eddie.
Let's go.
To dazzle you
with an exhibition of skills...
is Cliff Secord, the Fearless Freep.
And there he goes!
That's not
the routine!
What the hell is
Secord trying to pull?
- I'm two minutes late. Who'd you put up in Miss Mabel?
- Five cents!
- Get your programme!
- That's gotta be Malcolm.
Flag that biplane
down now!
He hasn't been behind the stick
in 25 years. What's he doin'?
Tryin' to save your job. If he drifts into
those race lanes he's gonna kill somebody.
Oh, no.
The rocket's in
the tool chest?
Yeah, why?
We have an emergency.
We have an emergency!
Please clear the field.
- Please clear...
- You outta your mind?
Ladies and gentlemen,
we had you fooled for a minute.
But it's all part
of the show.
Stay in your seats.
- What are you doin'?
- What's it look like? Give me a hand.
No, Cliff, no!
We haven't tested it enough.
- Look what she did to...
- Cut it out! I'm scared enough as it is.
I reworked the throttle, so just
squeeze her like a gas pedal.
- If you want to stop, mash down hard and let go.
- Okay.
- Anything else?
- Yeah.
A little luck.
- How do I look?
- Like a hood ornament.
Look at that!
- Tell me you're gettin' this.
- I don't know what it is, but I'm gettin' it.
- Malcolm!
- Aaah!
wake up.
It's me, Cliff.
Wake up! Come on!
Ohh! Whoa!
Don't worry, folks.
It's all part of the show.
Oh, nooo!
Malcolm, wake up.
Wake up!
Get up!
Get out of here.
It's all part of the show.
He's going west!
He's going


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