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get to heaven, Mr Hughes.
maybe not.
See you around,
Oh... don't ever
fly her without this.
Isn't it pretty?
I didn't even get
a chance to thank him.
You don't have to, son.
He saw the look on your face.
I have something
for you too.
it's for Peevy.
Oh, no!
What was that line again?
"Oh, my prince..."
- "would that you'd drink of my lips..."
- Thanks.
I don't mind
if I do.
Clifford, take a look
at this here.
I bet if we increase
the manifold pressure...
and switch the
fuel-to-air ratio...
just favouring the fuel...
Hey, Goose!
You wanna take a look?
to the rescue!
Ripped by supang
Resync: Xenzai[NEF]Resync: Xenzai[NEF]
Keep her straight...
It's your first time up, so
don't do anything interesting.
- Who me?
- Yeah, you.
Remember, she stalls out
at about 100.
Keep the air speed up,
otherwise you'll be drifting all over.
- If the ailerons start to shimmy...
- I've flown a plane or two.
Not like this one.
This one's a handful.
You sneeze and you'll end up
upside down in a field.
- That's fresh paint, damn it!
- Do you want me to crash?
Gum ain't gonna keep
your butt in the air.
Treat her nice, Clifford. She's gonna
take us all the way to the nationals.
- Let's make some history.
- Yeah.
Crank her up, Goose!
- Make her hot!
- Hot and brakes.
Watch this, Peevy!
National air race
is our next stop!
You tryin' to save ammo?
Nail 'em!
I can't get a clean shot. Wish that
black-and-white would get out of the way.
Careful what
you wish for.
This is the 3rd car
in a month. Hoover'll be spittin' nails.
The heck with Hoover!
- Outta my way. I can't see.
- Keep drivin'!
Quit movin'. You're
ruining my shot!
Get back.
Let's go, Lenny.
We can't get caught with...
Lousy feds!
Somethin' ain't right.
Sorry, Lenny.
He's gettin' away.
Get it off!
- Get him out!
- Peevy!
Hit the latch!
Get the hell
outta there!
Where you goin'?
You all right?
You okay?
Well... that's
the end of that!
- All right, get it outta here.
- Wait a minute.
You chase crooks
across our runway,
crash into my pilot,
and it's our fault?
No offence, pops, but we
got more important things...
- than get all sweaty about whose fault it was.
- Listen, buddy,
building that plane took three years
and every cent we had.
File a claim with Uncle Sam.
You could get lucky.
And wait six months... a year?
We made a livin' with that plane.
Well maybe it's time
to get a real job.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Relax! Relax!
You got that one
free, kid.
- One more and you'll be eatin' soft food for a month!
- Yeah?
- Relax.
- That fly boy hangs one...
on my kisser and
you let him waltz?
Maybe you
had it comin'.
- We need a word with the patient.
- In private.
Your buddy's getting fitted
for a pine overcoat.
If you make it to County General,
Alcatraz is your new digs.
Spit it out, Wilmer.
Where's the package?
Blown to hell.
Why don't you
go look for it?
- Get him outta here.
- Hey, Fitch?
Take a look at this.
That must be the gizmo, all right.
Okay, button it up.
- Call 'im, Wooly.
- Why me? I called last time.
But he likes you.
There's no mistake
about that, Wooly?
- I'm afraid not. We got what's left of it.
- I see.
- It was damn sloppy.
- It could've been worse. We got the gizmo.
- Yes, it could have.
- We'll take it down to headquarters.
Was that Wolinski?
They chased it to an
airstrip in the valley.
There was a wreck
on the runway.
The X-3 was destroyed.
Better lost than
in the wrong hands.
- How soon can you rebuild it?
- Rebuild it?
Not a chance.
My people in Washington will have
something to say about that.
Your people in Washington want to turn
anything that flies into a weapon.
Apparently someone else
had the same idea.
I'm afraid
we must insist.
I don't work
for the government.
I cooperate
at my discretion.
Two of my best pilots were

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