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I saved that.
I was thinking about Detroit.
Let's skip it. It don't feel good.
- What do l do with my lamp?
- You mail it.
It's not the lamp.
It's Annie, Max.
That's why l got to go back. I owe Annie.
Do me one favor, though,
let's make it fast.
Stay on here till we get to St. Louis.
Then we'll get off and catch
something else to get up to Detroit.
I could use a drink.
Eye to eye with me, the guy tells me
what freight train to catch.
Ill be damned.
That's because you look ridiculous.
See, he saw the humor in it.
- I see.
- Humor.
You know something, Max?
You used to look scary and ridiculous.
Now you just look ridiculous.
Really? It's because
Im becoming a scarecrow, right?
That's right. You're a scarecrow.
- Im a scarecrow.
- You're also an asshole.
- You're also a scarecrow, too.
- Okay. But unlike you, huh?
Im a scarecrow. That's right. You're right.
Listen. Have you taken a good look
at your mug lately?
Have you eyeballed it?
If that's what being a scarecrow is,
l don't want any part of that.
Scarecrows are beautiful.
Scarecrows are beautiful!
Hey, miss.
Can we have some coffee down here
for Mr. Scarecrow?
Scarecrows are beautiful!
Im feeling good. I really feel good.
That's because you're learning, you know?
You're learning how to laugh.
And guess what? I taught you.
- Im your... What do you call it?
- You're my taughter.
- Taughter.
- Right?
You're my teacher, buddy,
and Im telling you it's really comforting.
Will you fuck off? Jesus Christ.
What's the matter with you?
I thought you were a scarecrow.
What are you doing?
Didn't you learn anything?
- You show me how to handle a drunk then.
- Okay, Ill show you.
- You're losing him.
- Im not losing him.
Look at him.
- You're losing him.
- Im not losing him.
That's my uncle you're making fun of.
This is my wife here.
We were just having...
Okay, down.
- Okay, all right.
- No, Max.
Just one way. Get out of here.
- You okay?
- Im okay.
That's it.
- No, no...
- That's it. Go ahead. Have a time.
- But l...
- Go on. Have a time.
- Have fun.
- Come on.
Come here!
Hello, Lion? Max wants to talk to you.
Look at this. Im an old scarecrow.
Come on. Come on back here.
- How about that?
- Im going to help.
Shake hands. He don't want to fight.
Watch it, God damn it. Watch out.
You okay, old-timer?
Hold that for me.
Come on! Take it off! Bravo!
Take it off!
- He's something else.
- Bring on the girls!
I had them laughing, didn't l?
You're going places, Max.
You know what we're going to have
out in front of our car wash?
- No. What?
- A scarecrow. That's what.
Good night, world!
Good night, world!
You motherfuckers!
Im glad you wore your sweater,
'cause it's cold, you know.
- Where's your house?
- It's right in there.
Is that it?
Go ahead.
No, l think l should call first.
- It don't feel right.
- All right, call.
There's a phone over there.
Just call them.
Here, man, hold this.
Just remember, all right,
that you're a person.
You're a person, right?
And you were a kid before,
and you've made mistakes...
so you ran. That's all.
- You sent a lot of money, right?
- Right.
And you thought
that was going to make it okay?
- But that doesn't make it, does it?
- No.
Okay. Now you're a man,
and now you're gonna straighten it all out.
Max, let me make the call.
Gonna straighten it all out.
Joey the Banana King.
Joey the Banana King. What do you want?
Where are you?
What are you... Are you staying?
What's this, Joey the Banana King?
Is that Joey Gleason?
Yeah. Im married to him.
Did you hear me, Francis?
Yeah. Joey Gleason.
God. So then you're okay.
You're married, and you're all right.
So what are you now, Mrs. Banana King?
Do you think that's funny,
you son of a bitch?
How long... When did you marry him?
A couple of years ago.
Thanks for the money, you bastard.
We used your


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