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Car wash.
- Want me to wash that tire?
- No.
I didn't know we'd get into gambling.
I thought you were just...
Shut up. You'll bring the heat down on me.
I could get the maximum.
You could also go out on the hog farm
instead of sitting on your ass all day.
Show coordinator is a pretty easy job.
Where's the baseball scores?
- Why don't you finish your dinner?
- Yeah. Ill be right back.
Hi, buddy.
Max, l didn't ask for that job. Believe me.
I wouldn't wash cars without you.
Want a cigar?
I got one for you. Go ahead.
You look tired, you know that, buddy?
They working you hard?
Ill be back.
Keeping warm?
You know something?
I think you're going to be real sorry
when you find out l didn't do anything.
- That it wasn't my fault.
- Francis!
Real sorry.
Go ahead. Have a good lunch.
If l don't see you again, hello.
You know, l...
- Ive been thinking about something.
- Yeah.
I think you'd make a good
assistant director for my talent show.
What do you say?
It's better than washing cars.
- A talent show?
- A talent show.
What would l do?
You'd kind of help get the guys together,
you know, you'd rehearse the show.
I need a little extra time
to take care of business.
- It's easy.
- Okay.
There's the hog farm. There's Max.
Can we pull over, do you think?
Mickey, let's go over to Pigville.
Hey, there, fella, can you
wrap me two pounds to go?
I don't have too much time. Guess what?
Im the director of the talent show.
Want me to make you a star?
Your name in lights?
You can bring your friends along
if you want.
Let's get out of here.
Us show people sure do envy
you simple men of the land.
Have a nice life.
So he stands up there, right,
and he says, "No more jokes.
"No more jokes until the end of the show."
I got to pee.
- Your friend Max is out there.
- Max is going to be mad at me, too...
because Im getting drunk and he's not.
You're a friend of mine. Max isn't.
Max is out there with all his friends.
You said it!
And you're in here having a good time.
I told you it pays to be
a friend of Jack Riley's.
- It sure does, Jack.
- Francis?
You know how much time Im doing?
Goodness gracious.
Just put these together...
Just put it on the hand.
- You know how much time Im doing?
- No. How much time are you doing?
Eighteen months.
- That's a long time.
- Yeah.
- That's a long time.
- That's a lot of Sundays, Ill tell you that.
How about it?
How about it?
How about it?
How about what?
Yeah, how about it?
How about, you know...
giving old Riley a little relief?
What do you mean?
Relief for what?
What do you say?
I don't know what you want.
Igor, you crazy monster.
- Get out. Go back.
- Don't make fun of me.
Im not making fun of you.
What are you doing?
Im kind of sensitive.
Ill show you what Im doing.
- Riley.
- What?
Come on.
- Just a little.
- Ill bite it off, you fuck.
Riley, l didn't mean to hurt you.
What's the matter with you?
Mama's boy likes to play, but doesn't pay.
Stop it!
Just cool it.
Jesus Christ. Who did...
Jesus Christ, man.
Riley tried to fuck me...
so l had to kick the shit
out of him, you know?
Jesus Christ.
Got to keep the weight
on the balls of your feet.
Otherwise, you slip down on your heels,
and you skid right into the pig shit.
- On the balls?
- Yeah. Right on the balls.
If you'd been out here in the first place,
you would have known all that.
I had my laughs.
- What did you say?
- I had my laughs.
I know somebody's not laughing.
He wanted to be in show business.
Show business.
Come here.
Something l don't understand, you know?
I just want to ask you...
how you people in show business...
manage to stay in action
when you give it away like that?
- What did l give away?
- You know, the whole business.
The whole show business.
You gave it to my partner Lion, didn't you?
Didn't you, Riley?
Didn't you give it to him?
Why don't you go fuck off?

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