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they don't seem to mind.
- Wonder why that is?
- Maybe they just like you.
Yeah, maybe.
Donna? Donna!
Hey, Donna!
Could you beep your horn, please?
Hey, Donna!
God, Sunny! Oh, Sunny.
Hi, sweetie!
Sunny, what are you doing?
A very special assignment.
Can't you tell?
They look awfully like dogs.
Very important dogs, though. They
belong to some Bulgarian big shot.
Come on, guys, sit down.
Stay! Sheba!
Come on, stay.
Stay, baby, stay.
- Hi.
- Oh, Sunny.
God, we really miss you, Sunny.
- God, I miss you guys too.
- You do?
Everybody's so jealous of you.
All those big parties
and famous people...
...and events that shape our life,
and shit like that.
Oh, I gotta go. Darn it.
Give my love to Lou, will you?
I think he's gonna
have to close the club.
Are you kidding?
He's losing money.
We're all out looking for other jobs.
Oh, that's terrible.
Is there anything I can do?
To tell you the truth,
I think Lou was hoping...
...with your new connections...
...you might be able to do
something to help him out.
Why don't you get in,
and we'll talk about it.
No, it's okay, I'm gonna walk.
Come on.
Sunny, I'm not really
crazy about dogs.
I know you're not crazy about dogs...
Wait a minute!
Wait! Sheba!
Where is our dear Sunny?
In the bathroom.
I see. And Mr. Ransome?
In the bathroom.
- Better?
- Oh, yeah.
Now, what you should do is take
a very long, very hot shower.
- When?
- Soon as possible.
- Hey, don't give me a hard time.
- Okay.
Listen, do you do necks?
Did you do this to your wife?
None of your business.
God, you've got great fingers.
Not so loud.
I feel like I'm in high school.
- Did you lock the door?
- No.
Listen, will you tell me something?
Why did they give me this job?
Because you did something
And they wanted to reward you.
And it's good publicity for them.
Nothing else?
Like what?
I feel like...
...I don't know, like
they're testing me for something.
If you behave yourself,
I'll give you a real massage someday.
Meanwhile, you ought to find
a good chiropractor.
And I think you just changed
the subject on me.
Sunny, I can't give you advice
about your life, I hardly know you.
So get to know me.
Do you always say what you think?
It's no big deal.
I just never understood...
...why some people don't say
what they think.
Don't you say what you think?
- Not always, no.
- Too bad.
You know what I read?
The Declaration of Independence.
The real one, the original.
The one in the Archives.
Boy, those guys knew how
to say what they thought.
Talk about simple.
All that stuff about happiness.
What government talks
about happiness anymore?
Sunny, are you in there?
Yes, ma'am.
We were concerned.
Well, Mr. Ransome was just
giving me an adjustment.
We're about to leave.
And we were talking about the
Declaration of Independence.
You did lock it.
What, dear?
I can't hear you, dear.
What did you say?
Are you coming, dear?
Sunny, dear, are you coming?
Not quite, ma'am.
He's here on an unofficial visit.
You mean officially
he's here unofficially.
Yes, that's exactly right.
It's not a state visit, not even
a ceremonial visit. It's private.
The emir wants privacy.
And now, Sunny...
...we want to take you
into our confidence.
And I know that we can trust you.
Am I right?
Mr. Hilley, my lips are sealed.
Good, because what I have to...
They could slap me around,
keep me awake for days at a time.
They could hang me upside down
and throw stuff.
Yes, yes, I see.
Keep me in a cell
without food or water.
You're a brave girl.
But they couldn't do electricity
or snakes because I don't think l...
Yes, sir?
...our government...
...the United States of America...
...are attempting to negotiate
a complex...
...and highly important agreement...
...with the emir that will allow us...
...to build a military base
in his country.
- Right.
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