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>of the $ 119,000 car.
Your Majesty, it doesn't mean
she turned down your proposal.
How angry would you say he was?
Cursing in at least four languages.
Let's go over our options.
We could give up
this mysterioso stuff...
...and tell the girl the situation.
Throw ourselves on her mercy?
No, appeal to her patriotism.
I don't think so.
I agree, it's too risky.
Large gains demand large risks.
I think she'll be able
to handle herself...
...judging from last night.
If you hadn't given
her those manuals...
The girl's been doing her homework.
Perhaps she's not
as unintelligent as you think.
Perhaps we're not
as clever as we think.
What do you mean, we?
You have an attitude problem?
I'm sure she'll make the sensible
choice when the time comes.
Until then, we just have
to keep her busy.
And out of trouble.
Majesty, allow me to introduce...
Excuse me.
My car broke down.
- welcome you
on behalf of the president...
Gun! Hit the deck!
I thought we were being attacked!
I'm sorry!
You said it was a barbecue.
Sunny, let's be clear about
the procedure on this one.
Sir, I think I've got it.
When the limo stops
I get out on the left side.
- Right.
- Oh, the right side?
No, I mean, "correct." It's the left.
I walk around the back,
I open the right door to the limo...
...I help the ambassador out and
present him to Vice President Merck.
She's late.
Well, here we are. Now...
Left side, left.
Yeah, this is the left.
Let's see, left.
Have you lost control of her entirely?
We want her to be a princess,
not court jester.
A few more days, only a few more days.
God knows what she can do
in a few more days!
"How do you do, Your Grace?"
"Thank you very much, baroness."
"I'm honored to meet you,
Your Excellency."
"Good night, knight."
"Good night, knight"?
Yeah, hold on a minute.
Sunny, it's for you.
Oh, thanks.
Hi, Mr. Crowe.
Yeah, the Queen of Dubai.
I'll be there, don't you worry.
You know more queens than I do.
Oh, Ben!
Yes, this is
the National Archives building.
You know, it holds
the Declaration of Independence...
...Constitution, Bill of Rights.
It's really pretty, isn't it?
Oh, I have the napkins
that match your hat.
Isn't that great?
Now, you know, I've never read
the Constitution.
This will be fun
for all of us, won't it?
And this is where we...
...encase all of our
precious documents.
And this is...
...the Constitution.
Very old.
And this is
the Declaration of Independence.
Can you read that?
"We hold these truths
to be self-evident...
...that all men are created equal...
...that they are endowed
by their Creator...
...with certain inalienable rights...
...that among these
are life, liberty...
...and the pursuit of happiness.
That to secure these rights...
...governments are instituted
among men...
...deriving their just powers...
...from the consent of the governed."
Very interesting.
We're real proud of that.
What's the matter, you sick?
No, they closed the bookstore
to take inventory.
That looks good.
Can you make me one?
I thought you had a lunch.
I did, but it was for a Tibetan guy.
They served food
I didn't recognize.
The main course was still alive.
Oh, Coke.
See anyone famous?
Well, I sat next to a senator who put
his hand on my leg under the table.
- Which one?
- The right one.
No, which senator?
I don't know.
You had to appreciate his energy.
He ate with one hand,
copped a feel with the other.
Talking about fiscal irresponsibility
all at the same time.
You know what amazes me,
is how these guys...
...have time to run the country...
...when they're so busy going
to banquets and openings all the time.
I don't know how they do it.
But are you having any fun?
Oh, yeah, fun, God,
I'm having a great time.
I mean, it's really very interesting.
I'm making a lot of mistakes,


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