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What are you gonna be
doing specifically?
Well, specifically, I don't know.
But whatever it is, I know
it will include new sights...
...and new, exotic fragrances.
Your own line of fragrances?
John J. Hilley, White House.
- Sunny Davis.
- Pat Hassler.
Sunny Davis.
The president asked me
to deliver a message.
- You're kidding.
- Absolutely not.
He said that he's extremely proud
that you're with us.
Did he really say that?
Yes, he also knows you're ready to do
whatever your country asks of you.
He's got his eye on you, Sunny.
Mr. Crowe.
- How really interesting you look.
- Thank you.
Meet the Belgian ambassador.
This is Sunny Davis, Your Excellency.
- Bravo, Sunny.
- Bravo, Your Excellency.
And you too, ma'am.
You sure have a great little country.
That's the girl.
- Have you ever been to Belgium?
- No.
No, actually, I haven't been anywhere.
I mean outside of this country,
I mean.
I was in Canada once, but that
doesn't count because it's attached.
- Sunny Davis?
- Yes.
Oh, is something wrong?
Should I get my coat?
- Welcome back.
- Hi!
Oh, gosh, I want to thank you.
Hey, guys, you know what?
I'm a personal friend of the emir.
You scared me.
Sunny, dear...
...have you ever met a wise man?
- Personally, you mean?
- Yes, personally.
- Oh, well, like how wise?
- Very, very wise.
Well, have you ever heard of
He lived in a cave up near Salem.
He only ate things
he could get off the ground.
Me and my cousin went there once...
...and he had this
out-of-body experience...
All right! All right.
That's very interesting, dear.
But the point is, I would
like you to meet someone...
...who's very, very important.
The Nawaf Al Kabeer.
He's the chief temporal adviser
to the emir...
...on moral and ethical matters.
A man of transcendent spiritual power.
He can see straight
into your thoughts.
May I present Miss Sunny Davis.
Well, Mr. Nawaf, this is
a real natural high for me.
It means,
"Blessed are the small ones...
...who shall be made large."
Oh, I see.
Yeah, I couldn't agree more.
And you know I read something...
What is it?
It means, "Praise be to God."
Oh, yes!
Sunny Davis.
Sunny Davis.
My child, how old are you?
You see, you have become,
through your bravery...
...part of the history of my country.
Oh, that's very flattering, but...
Sunny Davis.
- Sunny Davis.
- Yes.
Our children praise your name.
You're kidding.
Our beloved emir,
Khalaad bin Abdul Majid...
...remembers you in his prayers...
...and hopes that until
you come to him...
...until you are with us...
Wait, who's coming where?
- you will accept as evidence of his
great affection this simple gift.
Oh, honest to God, it's not necessary.
This miserable token of his esteem.
How miserable?
We are very proud of our dear Sunny,
and we remain confident...
...that whatever choices
Sunny makes...
...whether it is with us or elsewhere,
that relations between Sunny...
...and the emir will always reflect
the warmth and affection...
...our two countries have
traditionally felt for each other.
Thank you.
No, I'd like to say something.
I'd like to say that I think
the emir is really a great guy.
As for Mr. Al Kabeer
and his friends here...
...I've never met a nicer bunch
of foreign people.
And that car is just about
the prettiest thing I've ever seen.
It gives me a headache to tell
you that as a government employee...
...I will transfer ownership of it...
...to the General
Services Administration...
...and include it in a list
of gifts to an official...
...in the report in accordance...
...with federal registry order 327.
Crazy, I'd never do that.
The car will be sent
to the federal repository...
... as requested,
where it will be...
... supervised by
the transportation secretary...
... who said he'd take charge


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