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you kidding?
- No.
Well, oh, my gosh,
what would I be doing?
Well, you'd be acting as a special
assistant to Ambassador St. John.
- Do you know who that is?
- I don't know.
No, I don't think so.
I know I don't know.
- Who is he?
- She.
She? She's a she?
She's the head of a department
of government that we think...
...you'd be well-suited for.
And what department is that?
That's... Gosh, that's...
I don't believe it. Protocol?
Could you just...?
I'll be right back.
Could you just wait here?
I'll just be right back.
You won't believe what just happened.
What happened?
- What's wrong with you?
- P-R-O-T-O-K...
Wait a minute, guys.
"Protocol: the customs
and regulations...
...dealing with the ceremonies and
etiquette of the diplomatic corps."
It's a job.
She just got a job.
It's a job. They want me
to work for them.
Work where?
Oh, thank you!
Exactly where would I be working?
The State Department.
I was wondering, does a job like that
pay by the hour or the week or what?
Well, for a start,
about 35,000 a year.
"Dear Falcon: Pigeon in cage.
Signed, Eagle. "
Dad, these books
the Protocol Department sent...
...are filled with weird rules.
"Never cross your legs in front
of an African chief...
...because the sole of the shoe
is considered an insult."
I better be more careful!
Oh, God, you wouldn't believe all
the rules they've got in this book.
Half of them don't make sense at all.
I don't know how I'll learn it all.
Stop worrying.
You're like your mother.
You'll do okay.
I just hope I don't screw up.
- You won't.
- There's so much...
You won't.
Before you go, I want to
tell you how proud I am of you.
What you did, grabbing
that assassin and all.
That's the first time
you ever said anything like that.
It's the first time you ever
did anything like that.
- Excuse me.
- Hello, Sunny.
I'm Earl Crowe,
and I'm real happy you're here.
I'm the deputy chief of Protocol.
But you can call me Earl.
And I'm going to take you in
to meet the boss.
Mrs. St. John?
That's right.
She's a wild woman, Sunny.
A wild woman.
She's tough, but she's fair.
She works 26 hours a day
and gives you 200 percent.
She must be exhausted.
But seriously, Sunny, how is that hip?
- Great.
- That's wonderful.
The one where the
bullet went in still aches.
There she is!
This flower is from every one of us.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you very much.
Sunny, Sunny, Sunny, Sunny.
Do you know what you've done?
You don't have the slightest
idea what you've done?
- I don't think so.
- You really don't?
Well, whatever it is, I know that
I can fix it, or clean it up, or...
Oh, she's priceless.
You brought us together.
And now I think I have something for
you that will please you very much.
- This is where I'll be working?
- Yes.
Oh, and this is my phone...
With your own extension.
Oh, this is very exciting
for me, ma'am.
I'm sure it is, dear.
You know, Sunny...
...you must prepare yourself
for all kinds of new experiences.
I guess so.
You must learn to accept
new sights, new sounds...
...new, exotic fragrances, so to speak.
Ambassador St. John,
your call to the Austrian council.
You must be exhausted
from your trip...
...so I suggest you go home
and get some rest.
The limousine
will pick you up at 7.
What limousine is that, ma'am?
Tonight's reception will be quite
formal, so wear something pretty.
...I think you're going to have
a remarkable future.
Even sooner than you think.
They talk funny.
Funny, how?
They say things
they don't really say...
...but I can't figure out
what the hell it is.
...tell me the truth.
Am I one of those, " Oh, yeah,
she's really a lot of fun...
...she's got a sense of humor, but
she's not a bright kind of people"?
Come on, Sunny, don't be ridiculous.
You're a very bright kind of people.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
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