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the girl and impress her?
Let's think. There must be someone.
Someone who's
reasonably good-natured...
...has a relatively high TVQ...
...and nothing important to do.
This is the first time anyone like the
vice president has visited our city.
But the governor is here a lot
to visit his sister Clara...
...who lives just outside of town.
- We're sure proud of that.
Here's the Cougar band coming around
the corner at Main and Superior.
Right past Schmitter's Hardware.
Sunny Davis graduated in the top 75%
of her class at Diamond Junction High.
She was a pep girl, a member
of the hair-dressing club...
... and an expert Ping-Pong player.
Laurel, describe some
of the fashions here.
Well, Sunny Davis is wearing a
red smock, I guess you'd call it.
The vice president is wearing a suit.
There's Mayor Bernholtz.
He'll give Sunny, Diamond Junction's
version of the key to our city...
... the gold chain saw...
... with Sunny's name engraved
on the blade.
Courtesy of Schmitter's Hardware,
corner of Main and Superior.
Bless you!
Thank you.
Come on, boy. Come on.
Here, come on!
Here it is. Here you go, boy.
Come on.
Give it to me.
Come on.
What do you think?
Really fine.
- You think so, honest?
- Absolutely. I do.
It's like a real professional job.
- Are you serious?
- Totally.
My own cleaners back
in D.C. couldn't do it.
- Which ones?
- Top Hat and Tails Express.
- On 4th Street?
- Yes.
- Near the court?
- Yes.
They're terrible. They once
ruined a blouse of mine.
It was very delicate material.
It was very fragile.
- And they ripped it to shreds.
- Really?
It's hard to believe what so-called
professionals will do, you know?
I think so, yes.
Because professionals, well,
they don't always care, you know?
Let me take them in.
- I want to do the cuffs.
- It's not necessary.
Are you kidding?
This is an honor for me.
This is another major event
in my life.
Well, I must say, this is very
impressive, Mrs. Davis.
Isn't this impressive, Michael?
Yes, sir. Certainly is, sir.
Just what is that vegetable dish,
might I ask?
That's another of Dad's inventions.
- It is?
- Aspara-barb.
- How's that?
- Cross between asparagus and rhubarb.
I grow the stuff out back.
Looks like hell, but it's delicious.
I'll bet it is.
Mr. Davis has developed
quite a few original notions.
Later, I'll take you
to the basement...
...and show you something
that'll knock your socks off.
Really? What might that be?
Not now, dear.
Could save our country 50%
of its water bills.
- After dinner, Dad.
- 50% of its water bills?
Yes, I'd be interested
in hearing about that.
It's an electric toilet.
You won't forget the experience,
I guarantee it.
Later, Dad.
Popcorn! Popcorn!
Don't jump on the nice
Mr. Vice President.
- You want me to get rid of him?
- No, absolutely not.
Not at all.
Nice dog.
- I wonder why you call him Popcorn?
- That was his father's name.
Of course.
- So, let's talk about the future.
- Okay.
First of all, how is...?
That's just about as good as new.
You'd have to look very close
to see the scar.
Well, I'll take your word for it.
Sunny, what are your plans?
I don't have any.
I mean, well, I have a job
at the Safari Club.
Lou, well he's my boss,
and he's really a nice guy...
...but business is slow.
And I was kind of hoping
for an advancement, you know.
But Lou's aunt works the cash register
and his sister's the hostess.
So I'm gonna have to wait around
until one of them quits or drops dead.
I guess you know what that's like.
...we want you to come
and work with us.
What do you mean?
Well, we think you've proven yourself
to be a truly valuable citizen.
You'd be a valuable
addition to our team.
- Are


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