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Look at them.
- Who?
Them. The hard-boiled press.
They're eating it up.
Then there's my grandma and grandpa
who I haven't seen in a long time.
Gosh, they're in their 70s
and in really great shape.
Grandma still volunteers
as a crossing guard.
She's gonna sing
the national anthem next.
Hi, Grandma. If you're watching,
I'll see you soon.
I'll bet Grandpa was personally
decorated by Eisenhower.
My grandfather used
to pitch for the Salem Rockets...
...which was an AA league.
- Even better.
He was MVP two years running,
and we're very proud of him.
- Maybe she's running for office.
- Come on.
To be that dumb and run for office?
- What about your personal life?
- What about it?
For starters, you live
with two men. Is that right?
- No.
- It isn't?
I live in a small part of a house that
belongs to two men who live together.
You understand the difference.
Let's go on to something else then.
When you first realized
that the alleged assailant...
Alleged? You want to see alleged?
I'll show you alleged.
I've seen enough.
Would you get the president
for me, please?
She's got the working women,
the small-town folks...
...the senior citizens, the gays,
the law-and-order bunch!
And the baseball fans and the barflies
and the animal lovers!
- Margaret!
- Yes. Yes, sir.
Make sure the line to the hospital
is clear. Patch it through now!
Do it! Do it!
She really is something, sir.
Truthfully, I never heard
of the emir before last night.
I wasn't risking my life
for him or anything.
I thought he was trying
to shoot the president.
- Tell him to make the call now.
- He's talking.
I didn't say "give my life,"
I said "risk."
He is our president.
No, sir.
Yes, sir.
Do you support the president
Do you think he's doing a good job?
He gets paid a lot more than me,
so he must be doing something right.
Make the call!
- Did you vote for the president?
- I never voted.
- Never?
- Right, never.
Do you consider yourself
a Republican or a Democrat?
Look, I consider myself to be
just an American.
Tell him to make the goddamn call!
There's a call here that some
of you may want to listen to.
Who is it?
Mr. President?
It's the president!
From Washington D.C.,
CNN Headline News, top story...
I'd like to tell everybody
in America...
... that this is the best place to come
if you're ever shot in the...
Tonight, Sunny Davis speaks up.
Hi, Grandma...
Sunny on Monday at 7:30.
From Hollywood, The Tonight Show,
starring Johnny Carson.
Tonight, Johnny's one and only guest,
Sunny Davis.
She's got the gun here. See?
Okay, now run please, run.
Now she's opening her mouth.
See? She's opening her mouth.
- She's determined.
- She pulls him down.
See, there it is. She bites him here.
And he screams...
Coming up: saints, sinners
and Sunny Davis.
Good evening, tonight's lead story,
the celebrity of Sunny Davis.
Do you think you'd do this again?
Stay tuned, the news continues.
Oh, absolutely, Your Majesty.
No problem.
And we get the base?
- He really said that?
- Yes, Marietta, he really said that.
Well, I'm convinced.
Yes, but are we really being
fair to her?
It's an extremely volatile situation.
She's a totally inexperienced...
She's a drink hustler
in a clip joint.
We're giving her a shot.
You think she'll say no?
Coffee, gentlemen?
- Shouldn't the president know?
- I don't think so, Michael.
You're right, Marietta. I think
we can handle this among ourselves.
Besides, it's almost 9:30.
The president has retired.
He has a difficult day tomorrow.
Yeah, he has to get up.
Early. Get up early.
Okay, who can we get to go talk
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