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George Washington Hospital...
... and according to the latest
bulletin, she's fine.
There's a rumor that someone
from the White House...
...perhaps the president...
...will pay a visit
to this young lady...
...whose unusual display of
bravery, of intestinal fortitude...
...of old-fashioned American guts,
have thrust her into the harsh...
...yet warm and grateful
light of media attention.
Will you give these to Sunny?
They're from the United
Ladies for a Better America!
I'm her cousin on her mother's side.
Look. Don't I look like her?
Look at me! Don't I look like her?
I'm afraid I can't comment
at the moment on this.
There will be a press conference
this morning.
Check me out! I'm a personal friend
of Norman Mailer!
Thank you.
Give us a break!
- More mail!
- More mail, Sunny. More mail!
I'm visiting my friend Sunny,
the national hero.
I'll call back later.
Or better yet, call me.
Lou Fox of the Safari Club.
Mom, you should see this room.
It's beautiful!
It's like a honeymoon suite.
I've got pictures. I can see
the Capitol from the window.
Look at this. From Wayne Newton.
- More mail.
- More mail!
This is so exciting. I can't...
Barry Manilow.
Mom, listen, I think
I'm coming home soon.
Yeah, they're gonna pay for it.
Yeah, they're paying...
Who are you?
I'm Mike Ransome.
I'm the Middle East desk chief
over at the State Department.
I'm here to help you get through
your press conference.
Mom, I'll call you back.
Give my love to Dad.
Okay, bye-bye.
You sure don't look like one.
- Like one what?
- A middle-aged desk clerk.
No, no, that's Middle East desk chief.
- More mail.
- More mail!
- You're hearing from a lot of people?
- Liza Minnelli!
This is a list of 90 names.
All marriage proposals.
Well, I may have to turn
some of them down.
Are you married, Mr. Ransome?
Hey, Donna, come on.
Give the guy a break, okay?
I mean, really.
- Are you married, Mr. Ransome?
- Not anymore.
- Congratulations, neither am I.
- I know.
Oh, yeah? What else do you know?
I know that we don't have much time.
If you'll just let me fill you in
on this material...
This map is part of the background
material we're giving to the press.
Here is the emir's country.
- In yellow?
- Yes.
And pretty. It's a pretty
little country.
You cannot help but discern
its strategic importance...
...to the West in terms
of its proximity to the Gulf.
And its value as a buffer,
geographically speaking...
...between these two rival nations.
Dr. Pearlman, chief of surgery at
George Washington University Hospital.
He's finishing his report on
the details of Ms. Davis' condition.
The young lady herself,
in the center of all...
Mr. Hilley's office.
Would you hold a moment, senator?
Can you speak with Senator Miller?
Tell him I'll call him back
when this is over.
I want to watch it.
I apologize, senator.
Can Mr. Hilley call you back as soon
as this press conference is over?
It won't be but a minute.
Wonderful. Thank you. Bye-bye.
Let's take our cameras down as Sunny
Davis is wheeled to the microphone.
- Would you like to speak first?
- No, not really.
Well, yes.
Well, I'd like to say thank you...
...to everybody at the hospital...
...for being so nice and taking
such good care of me.
And I'd like to tell everybody
in America...
... that this is the best place to come
if you're ever shot in the ass.
- Is the chief watching this?
- Don't know.
- What did he say when you talked?
- He was napping.
Can you tell us what you're going
to do next?
Well, I'm gonna go home
to Oregon and visit my folks.
And relax and see what new things
my dad's invented in his workshop.
And check on my dog and eat some
of my mom's huckleberry pie...
... which is the best in the world.
Jesus Christ, what is
this cornball routine?
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