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should go out with them.
- No, Ella, I couldn't.
I didn't say you're lying.
I said I find it very interesting that
you used the same excuse last week.
No, that was last week!
Your sister's kids' measles
was the week before.
I'm not yelling,
I'm just speaking distinctly!
No, you can't come over later.
Later is the middle of the night.
While we're on the subject
I want to say something...
- God, it's got to get better.
- Does it?
Doesn't it?
Sure it does.
- Good night, sweetheart.
- Good night, honey.
Among the celebrities we expect to see
tonight are the president himself...
...and his honored guest,
the Emir Khala'ad bin Abdul Majid.
Washington insiders consider
tonight's gala the beginning...
...of attempts on the part
of the administration...
...to arrange a strategic deal
with the emir.
It would involve the establishment of
a major American military presence...
...in that Middle Eastern country.
Although the emir struggled for years
to reconcile dissident factions...
...within his traditionally
conservative nation...
...he is considered powerful enough,
if not popular enough...
...to assure his own people that
the long-term economic benefits...
...from such an arrangement would help
his suffering country.
Excuse me.
Who is it? Is it the president?
- Mrs. St. John, just one more.
- Elizabeth!
How are you?
This is our car.
What do you got in there, a gun?
A gun?
A gun!
A gun!
I got him! I got him!
He got me! He got me!
At approximately 11:45,
when the president's banquet...
... in honor of the visit of the Emir
Khala'ad bin Abdul Majid was ending...
... and the would-be assassin
appeared in the crowd...
The information we have
developed so far reveals...
... that the name of that real-life
heroine is Sunny Ann Davis.
Her selfless act
in the face of danger...
The waitress threw herself
in the path of the bullet...
... from a would-be killer's gun.
- Jerry.
- What?
It's Sunny.
There is still no word as to her
condition. On the lighter side...
No identification yet
of the gun-wielding man who...
... to the horror
of terrified witnesses...
... made his abortive attempt
on the life of the emir.
We have not been told how serious
the brave Ms. Davis' condition is...
Oh, my God!
... or even where,
precisely, she was wounded.
I think I've got it.
Suture, please.
Beautiful. Really beautiful.
Thank you.
How did you happen to be there?
I was coming out of the hotel.
I was working 7- 11 that night.
But I was late at this time
because of all the C.A.
- C.A.?
- Citizen activity.
- I don't know that technical jargon...
- Security guard talk, Bob.
What did you think when
you heard the shots?
I thought,
"My God, somebody's shooting."
And the man that was firing.
Did you actually see him?
Yeah, I'd clocked him a while before,
because he was a bit funny.
I figured. "What the heck.
He's just a fanatic who hangs
around when something's going on. "
- What did you do?
- There wasn't anything I could do.
There was no reason. At the
Craigmore School of Security...
... we're told never to impede
on an individual's rights.
Even after he pulled his weapon out?
Then you go right into standard
operating procedure.
What would standard operating
procedure be in this case?
In this particular case, I forgot.
Do you remember how many shots
were fired?
Sure, yeah.
Between two and...
Between about three and eight.
Or nine.
She is behind me in one of the rooms
of the
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