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sure that the good sense
of the American people...
...will allow them to distinguish
between a few trivial allegations...
- There she is, there's Sunny!
- Sunny!
Get off of me, you twit!
- How did I do?
- Great.
- Do you really think so?
- Of course.
It's the new me, I say what I think.
Oh, that's nice, Michael,
that's really nice.
- Want to know what else?
- What?
If you run for office,
I'll manage your campaign.
Are you kidding?
- Are you running?
- How about running for president?
- Sunny Davis for president!
- Yeah!
Wait a minute, wait a minute!
Please, everybody.
Thank you very much,
but it's really not my style.
- Sunny, what about Congress?
- What about running for Congress?
The polls have been closed for
10 minutes in Green Hills...
... a suburb of Diamond Junction...
... and it's impossible
to predict a winner in this.
Some people call tonight's contest
one of the closest in history.
Both candidates gained early and...
The candidate is coming
to the podium.
This is sure to be no concession.
Sunny! Sunny! Sunny!
I just want to say
a couple of things.
First, this is not a victory speech,
because we haven't won yet.
It's getting really late,
so I want to take this chance...
Tonight's coverage
was brought to you...
... courtesy of Schmitter's.
For your hardware needs,
corner of Main and Superior.
And no matter what happens,
we're still gonna go on together...
... you, me and the best campaign
manager in this country...
... my husband, Michael.
And of course, my very good friend
and the best, best babysitter...
... a working woman could wish for,
my very good friend, Al Kabeer.
I have a phone call
that some of you may want to hear.
Who is it? Hello?
We won! We won!
We won!

- -

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