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Eastern affairs.
I was on my way up
in the political racket...
...if you know what I mean.
And then a few weeks ago
I met this...
person who reminded me...
...that I had forgotten something
real basic, real simple.
That I have forgotten
to say what I think.
So I quit, that's all.
Sunny, is there anything
you'd like to say?
Yes, he owes me a massage.
Do you swear to tell the whole
truth, and nothing but the truth...
...so help you God?
- I do.
State your name
for the record, please.
- Sunny Ann Davis.
- And what is your present address?
1442 "G" Street.
And what is your age, please?
Senator Norris?
...when did you first meet the emir?
The night I got shot...
No, I'm sorry...
...I didn't meet him then,
it was after they gave me...
...the job at Protocol
and the emir came back.
- I see, and the emir came back for...?
- For me.
No, I meant for how long
a period of time?
Oh, it was just a couple of days.
It was unofficial.
- An unofficial visit?
- Officially, yes.
And what, to the best
of your understanding...
...were your duties
with regard to the emir?
I was supposed
to show him a good time.
A good time?
Yes, sir, that's what
Mr. Hilley told me.
Mr. Hilley told you to show
the emir a good time?
Well, actually, the exact words
he used were "a very good time."
And how did you interpret
this curious directive?
Oh, I didn't interpret it,
I just did it.
I took the emir
and his friends to a party...
...at Lou Fox's Safari Club
where I used to work.
I have to say that I really
feel badly about what happened.
I imagine it was the first time
Mrs. St. John got busted.
Of course, I could be wrong.
Sunny, I'd like to move on
to your trip abroad with the emir.
Yes, sir.
Didn't you think it was unusual
for a person like yourself...
...who had no expertise, to be
sent on a mission of such importance?
Yes, but I figured
they must know what they're doing...
...because they're supposed
to be the experts.
Sunny, the purpose of this hearing
is to find out who is responsible.
If you give us the name...
No, sir, l...
No, sir, I'm sorry, I can't do that.
You can't? Why not?
Because I'm responsible.
You know what my dad says?
"Let a guy sell you a diamond ring...
...for only 10 cents, and chances
are you own a ring not worth a dime."
Well, I bought the whole mine.
I thought I was getting a free ride
or at least a cheap one.
And I really have to
thank them for that.
I mean, the people who sold it
to me, I mean.
You want to know something?
Before I started to work
for the government...
...I'd never read the Constitution.
I didn't even begin to know
how things worked. I didn't.
I didn't read the newspaper,
except to look up my horoscope.
And I never read
the Declaration of Independence.
But I know they had,
the ones we're talking about...
...the experts, they all read it.
They just forgot what it was about.
That it's about "we the people."
And that's me.
I'm "we the people."
You're "we the people." All of us.
We're all "we the people," right?
So when they sell me that 10-cent
diamond, or down the river, or...
...to some guy wearing medals
that means they're selling us.
All of "we the people."
And when they...
I mean, when you guys, when you spend
another pile of money...
...and give away or sell all
those guns and tanks and planes...
Every time you invite a foreign
big shot to the White House...
...and hug them,
and give them gifts...
...it has a direct effect on
"we the people's" lives.
I mean, if I don't know
what you're up to...
...and if I don't holler when I think
you're doing it wrong...
...and if I just mind my own business
and don't vote or care...
...then I just get what I deserve.
So now that I'm Sunny Davis,
private citizen again...
...you're gonna have to
watch out for me...
...because I'm gonna be watching
all of you like a hawk.
We love you, Sunny!
Calm down!

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