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The emir and Miss Davis have escaped,
and are en route to the U.S.
The sudden coup d'tat
came as a shock to observers.
This news just in.
According to sources
in the State Department...
... Sunny Davis had no knowledge
of the wedding plans...
... arranged by our government
without her consent...
... in exchange for a military base
in his country.
We'll have more for you
in just a few minutes from now.
This is Inside Story.
Tonight's inside story:
Sunny Davis, heroine or hustler?
She was queen for a day,
and she claims she didn't know it.
Her presence started a war
that may affect the world's economy.
Rescued from sure death
and probable torture...
... she learned she was traded for the
balance of power in the Middle East.
Or did she know it?
Absolutely not. We goofed.
She didn't know a thing.
We traded her for the base.
We duped her,
now we ought to pay for it.
Where is Ohtar?
And why should we care?
This emirate might pull down
an American administration...
... and send it into a scandal
that could only be called "Sunnygate."
Sex, politics. Politics, sex.
Did she, or didn't she?
And if she did, did she do it
for her country? Stay tuned.
- Senator Norris.
- Senator Norris!
Was Sunny traded for a military base?
People want the facts.
Yeah, I know, I got about
30,000 telegrams and letters...
...phone calls, all asking
the same question.
The answer is, we just don't know.
I'll tell you, it's gonna be one hell
of an investigation, I promise.
Public pressure on the administration
continues in the Sunnygate affair.
Senator Norris announced hearings...
... to discover the truth
in the allegations...
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir, we're watching it now.
What did she know about
the connection...
... between that base
and her engagement?
And when did she know about it?
Marla Gilbert, WFDD.
You lied to me.
What we did was
for the good of the country.
You lied to me.
What she's saying is that
certain decisions...
...on sensitive issues
have to be made discreetly.
After all, the welfare of the people...
Wait a minute,
I'm one of the people, aren't I?
The important thing
is that we pull together...
...so when that committee
starts the hearing...
You want to tell me what you
think I should say, right?
Only if you're comfortable with that.
Well, I don't know what I'm gonna say.
Tell you this.
I can't wait to find out.
Sunny, we're all in this together.
We, you and I, represent
the president, and I'm sure...
You're a very misguided person,
and I don't work for you any longer.
- Sunny?
- Going back to waiting on tables?
Goodbye, Mrs. St. John.
- All right, Sunny, look.
- Let me go, Mr. Hilley.
I'm going to make one last appeal
to you on behalf of the country.
There are at least
four people in here...
...who don't speak for my country.
And you're one of them.
- Over here, Sunny.
- Sunny.
Were you only a pawn
in the Ohtar situation?
How did the Protocol Department
manipulate you?
What? Oh.
Excuse me, Miss Davis...
...you may remember me from
Turner News Network...
Miss Davis, how are you going
to defend yourself?
If there's something you'd like to...?
- Can you give us a statement?
- Has the president given instruction?
We have no comment at this time.
There's Michael Ransome.
Mr. Ransome, do you expect
to testify for the department?
Mr. Ransome is no longer
with the department.
Have you been fired?
No, sir, I resigned.
- Was it over the Sunnygate affair?
- Yes.
What else happened...?
Just a minute. Look, I'm an
expert on Middle

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