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The people here are friendly...
... and they greeted me like
I'm a real princess.
I can honestly say I'm on
a sort of intimate footing...
... with some of them already...
... although I can't understand what
any of them are talking about.
I haven't been outside
the palace yet...
... but as soon as possible,
I plan to contact...
... the American ambassador
for any special instructions.
I think there's a feast tonight...
... and tomorrow we're supposed
to go on a camel ride in the desert.
If there's a diplomatic pouch
coming here...
... I wouldn't mind if you
included a tuna salad sandwich...
... and some lip gloss.
A poem for Sunny.
"Ah, Sunny!
Golden hair like the desert sun
Eyes the color of the summer sky
Breasts riper than
The ripest pomegranates
And loins like the royal storehouse
Bursting with the seed of kings.
Loins that boil..."
I'm happy to announce
that a high-ranking delegation...
... will travel to Ohtar to sign
an agreement with the emir...
... for a military base.
Hi, we're back with TV Truth.
Wendy, would you analyze
the tape for our audience?
Hassler starts by announcing
that they cut the deal.
So we got our base.
Yes, but I want your audience
to see this.
He's announcing that
a contingent of...
That's not so unusual. Here it is.
We'll get them to stay
for the wedding.
- Was that a slip?
- That is some slip.
He had no intention
of mentioning that.
No, he didn't. He's such a jerk.
What wedding?
Dear Mrs. St. John: They keep me
busy here, and I'm experiencing...
... all sorts of
new, exotic fragrances.
Tomorrow, I hope to see how
the ordinary people live.
Please give my best to Mr. Crowe.
Sincerely, Sunny Davis.
Cover your hair!
She's marrying the emir.
He's in everything, on TV...
... and in People,
and he's so cute, and...
God, I wish I was her.
She's embarrassed the country,
are you kidding?
Embarrassed the country,
marrying that guy.
It's just a thing
for the money, right?
I think Sunny Davis
represents the kind of...
... American woman
we can all be proud of.
She's real, she's honest...
... and she isn't taking
crap from anybody.
Okay, gentlemen.
Here's a list I've made up
of some places I'd like to visit.
One of them is a hospital,
a daycare center...
...maybe a farm, an irrigation
project, something like that.
And also, I'd like to see...
...that military base we're building.
Where is it?
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
I've been set up, haven't I?
Shall we go back?
I want to talk to you!
Why are you dressed like that?
Because I'm an American, that's why.
What were you gonna do,
make me part of your harem?
I don't have a harem,
I have some wives.
Wives? You got "some" wives?
Help me!
Some wives? You must have
billboards all over town.
Quickly, this way.
They've not been able to give me sons.
I must have sons.
This is the 20th century!
Don't you know anything
about chromosomes?
When my country finds out
what you tried to do...
When they find out?
Get down!
Why do you think you were sent here?
I don't believe you.
Americans don't do things like that.
Do we?
Hurry, that way!
- Are you all right?
- Move.
You know how to fly one of these?
I'm the chief of the air force.
That's not what I asked.
Revolution in Ohtar sparked
by the imminent wedding...
... of the Emir Khala'ad bin
Abdul Majid to American Sunny Davis.
Rebel forces overthrew

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