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on my way.
Was it difficult for you
to leave all this?
This? Oh, no.
I mean, I've made
a lot of good friends...
...and we've had good times.
But, you know,
a person has to move on.
Sunny, you could be
the mother of kings.
Oh, sure, Queen Sunny,
the ex-cocktail waitress.
I'm just lucky I get to meet
people like you.
Just because of that accident.
- There are no accidents.
- Oh, sure.
There is only destiny and character.
Destiny brought you together
with me and a man with a gun.
Your character
brought you the rest of the way.
- No, I don't think so.
- Sunny, you and I...
...are more than
an ex-waitress and emir.
We're also a man and a woman.
Yeah, I can see that.
You understand what I'm saying?
Yeah, you want to date me.
Emirs do not date.
Mr. Hilley, Mr. Hilley!
Mr. Hassler, what is the White House...?
- Is there a party going on?
- Not now.
- Hey.
- What can I get for you?
I like that coat.
He likes my coat!
- Give it to him.
- All right!
You got it, now give me your coat.
Okay, now remember, it's B-Y-O-L,
bring your own leather.
- "Beat me, whip me..."
- What do you think of that?
You like that? You got it!
What about Sunny Davis, Mr. Hassler?
Why is Mr. Ransome here?
I want an explanation.
- I'm sure it's okay.
- Right.
What are they doing in there?
- Having a good time, I guess.
- What?
- Having a good time?!
- Yes.
Jesus Christ!
What the hell is this place?
Must be one of those
gay-Arab-biker sushi bars.
Oh, God, that's disgusting.
What in God's name are you doing
in this tide of human swill?
Why, you...
- Wait, wait, what's swill?
- You're under arrest.
Listen, listen, hey!
I know we can work this out
just the way the diplomats do.
WXED Action Line.
Tonight's WXED hot story.
Tonight's hot story is
hotter than usual.
Dozens of dignitaries have been
arrested at Club Safari.
Among them, the almost
assassinated Emir of Ohtar...
... and Protocol Sunny Davis, a former
waitress at this hot spot, plus...
... high-ranking administration
members who...
... had stopped by the club
to use the phone.
More details as they happen.
This is Cheryl Greenberg,
your Action Line...
Thank you, Mr. Vice President.
- Michael, take them.
- Yes, of course.
Sunny, Sunny Davis.
Sunny, thank you, it was
an unforgettable evening.
- We won't keep you much longer, dear.
- I'm really sorry.
You'll have my resignation after
I look up how they're written.
We have no intention of asking
for your resignation.
- You don't?
- Certainly not.
There will be tactical problems
in dealing with tonight's situation.
Let's go into my office.
Well, I think I'll write
a letter to the emir.
Listen to me.
We will take care of this matter.
You will not be a part of it.
I won't?
In a few hours,
the emir will fly back to his country.
- We want you to go with him.
- You're kidding!
You are right now our principal
social contact with the emir.
Our relations with him up until
now have been ambivalent.
You can change that.
Gee, I don't know,
I've never been outside the U.S.
- Do you really think l...?
- Sunny...
...this is a chance for you to perform
a vital service for your country.
Does this have anything to do
with that strategic military thing...
...Mr. Hilley talked about yesterday?
- Absolutely not.
This has to do with simple trust.
Trust between us.
Trust between you and the emir.
You'll be treated like royalty.
You'll stay in a lovely palace.
It will be like living
in a beautiful dream.
Beautiful, beautiful dream.
Thank you.
Dear Michael, I don't know when
I'll be able to send this letter...
... I wanted you to know how grateful
I am for helping me out.
I know you're going to be proud
of the job I'm doing.<
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