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- The mission of your department...
...is to see that the emir,
while he is in our country...
...has a good time.
Well, officially a good time
or unofficially?
Unofficially, of course.
Got it.
A very good time.
Come on, Lou, answer the phone.
Lou, it's Sunny.
Listen, I got a great idea.
Your Majesty.
Do you know what that is?
- That is your Supreme Court, right?
- Right.
Where laws are interpreted.
That's right.
You have that setup where you live?
Not exactly. Our laws
are handed down by Allah, by God.
- To who?
- To me.
Hey, what's going on?
Supposedly a party for big shots.
I got a call from Protocol,
talked about a social event.
I got the same call.
Said something about lots of VIPs...
...and something
like "Guaranteed very good time."
Here in this dive?
Hey, didn't Sunny Davis used
to work in this joint?
- The Sheik of Arabic.
- Who the hell is that?
Thank you.
- Hey, isn't that Sunny Davis?
- Your Highness.
I'd like you to meet Lou Fox.
Hey, that's a hell of an honor,
Your Majesty.
That's all I got to say, an honor.
Thank you very much.
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
- Here we go.
- Over here, Sunny, please.
You mind crouching down
a little, Your Honor...
...so we get the sign in the picture?
Here he comes! Girls, showtime!
Showtime, places!
George, you salute.
Girls, flags over your heart.
I want you to think of this
as your oasis away from your oasis.
Your Majesty and you fellas...
...you'll find we pour some
of the most generous drinks in town.
- This way, Your Majesty.
- Okay.
Hey, by the way, tonight's dinner
special is Virginia ham...
...with a choice of vegetables.
- Hey, Lou?
- What, Sun, what?
Who are those guys?
It's a little birthday party.
They want me to make them
a cake made out of raw fish.
Well, happy birthday!
Happy birthday.
Oh, hi, honey!
What's going on in there?
What's this?
Hey, let's get this.
Hey, guys. Guys, get on this!
Ralph, get your camera.
Ladies, are you friends of Sunny's?
We're in public relations.
We're all out of camel's milk,
but this is yogurt and 7UP.
Oh, excuse me.
Place looks fabulous!
Hi, honey!
Oh, God, I'm so glad you could come.
Are you kidding?
What does "jackpot" mean to you?
You see that little guy over there?
Go really easy on him
because he's a wise man.
You know, like a swami or a guru.
You know what I'm saying? Okay.
Hey, isn't that the Nawaf?
Bobbie! Charmaine!
What do you...?
Make a wish.
- Hello.
- Hi.
This is a swell place, isn't it?
Yes, it is. Swell.
I used to work here.
I know that.
See that girl over there? There.
See that girl dressed
like kind of a chicken?
An emu, I would imagine.
What about her?
I used to have to wear that
costume a lot when I worked here.
It's pretty silly, isn't it?
You must have looked beautiful.
More males!
- Oh, thanks.
- Look at you.
Oh, thanks for coming.
I want you to come see the emir.
- He's here!
- Just what we need, more men.
Your Majesty, I'd like to introduce
you to Ben Granger and Jerry Jerome.
These are the guys that I live with.
And this is His...
- El Emir Khalaad bin Abdul Majid.
Just a short while ago, the emir and
his entourage escorted Sunny Davis...
...inside the Safari Club
you see behind me.
They came in those limos.
By the way,
the guests continue to arrive.
The kind of guests you wouldn't
necessarily associate...
All right, Sue!
Yeah, but I would.
I think your guests
are having a good time.
Oh, yes.
- Hey.
- Jimmy?
It's Jimmy!
Hey, great to see you, not tonight.
I got a private party over there.
Hey, Jimmy!
- Hi, honey!
- Come on!
Come on, I want you to meet somebody.
Oh, banzai.
Hi, how are you? Hi, guys!
- Listen, have you ever met an emir?
- No.
- Have you ever met a biker?
- No.
Khalaad, this is Jimmy,
Jimmy, this is Khalaad.
- How do you do?
- How you doing, man?

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