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What! You scared me.
I know. Look, the car is temporarily
out of order.
It will be ready in a minute.
- Get this thing out of here now.
- Get a move on.
Wait, guys. Don't get excited.
I'm trying to get this thing...
Would you move your car
out of the way?
I'm very sorry. I'm very, very sorry.
It always starts sooner or later
if we're really patient.
This happens a lot,
and I'm gonna be okay.
Can you open the door?
- Can you open the door?
- I can't. Look!
See. See this thing?
It's always been that way.
I can't open it.
- Oh, God.
- Get this thing out of here.
- I don't blame you.
- You've got to move.
I'd open the door, but I can't.
I can't. I'm locked in here.
I'm gonna have an anxiety attack.
Oh, no.
This is great.
Gosh, thank you so much.
- Anytime.
- I'm so late.
Second time this week.
- I'm late.
- You are?
Lou's gonna kill me.
If tonight's banquet
in honor of the visiting...
... Emir Khala'ad bin Abdul Majid has
its desired effect...
... State Department insiders predict
that administrators will announce...
... the start of construction
on a major military base...
... in the emir's strategically
located Middle Eastern country.
State Department...
Presidential aide John J. Hilley was
accused of being overly ambitious...
... and overly zealous
by several congressmen...
Brad, not in the middle
of the afternoon.
Kim, middle of the afternoon, middle
of the night. What's the difference?
Brad, we can't. It's just not right.
Right? I'll show you what's right.
This is right.
And this.
Hi, sweetie. I'm late.
- The car?
- Yeah.
Oh, taxi! Taxi!
- Hey, Sunny, no car?
- No car.
- Can I give you a ride home?
- No, thanks. I got a date!
- Hi, Lou.
- Nice, Sunny.
Nice. Thank you very much
for showing up.
Oh, jeez, am I late?
Why were you running
if you didn't know?
Funny, very funny.
See, I can't pay my taxes here.
- The joint's dying...
- I'm real sorry.
I'll be on time
the rest of the week, okay?
What rest of the week? It's Friday.
You can make it up
by working cleanup tonight.
Lou, not tonight, please.
I have a date.
Sunny, you going out?
- The Friday night special.
- Come on, Donna, give me a break.
He's not so bad. What do you expect,
for chrissakes?
This is D.C. The men are all married
or gay or work for the government.
Or all three.
- How come you got the zebra?
- I got here first.
Does that mean I get the giraffe?
No, Francine has the giraffe tonight.
- Oh, no!
- Oh, yes.
Oh, no way!
No way! There's absolutely
no way I'm...
What's the matter?
I will not walk around this place
dressed like a goddamn chicken!
That is not a chicken.
That is an emu.
An "emu"?
I never heard of an emu.
Nobody I know ever heard of an emu.
So wear it yourself.
No, dear, I'm not a chicken.
I'm an emu.
That's "emu." E-M-U.
No, sweetie, I will not sit
on your eggs.
I gotta get something together for
my car, which had a breakdown today.
I am so broke.
See that guy over there?
The one with the green jacket.
He's looking for a good time.
He'll have trouble finding it.
I know you don't go
for stuff like that...
...but the guy gave me 10 bucks
for an introduction.
- An introduction, that's all.
- Yeah?
Tell him I said, "How do you do?"
Hey, Sunshine, listen to me.
I've got a couple extra hundred bucks
that I'm not doing anything with.
You wouldn't have
to pay me back right away.
- I'm okay, Ella, really.
- I'm serious.
- You know my friend I told you about?
- Sure.
He's been real generous lately.
Real generous, know what I mean?
I think so.
See this.
- Now, don't tell anyone. It's real.
- Wow!
See these? They're not.
He paid for all three.
Now, listen, my friend
has some friends...
...very nice guys.
- You


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