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Просто кровь

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care of everything.
All we have to do is keep our heads.
What do you mean?
- I know about it.
I went to the bar last night.
- What happened?
Was Meurice there?
- Yeah.
But he didn't see me though.
Nobody saw me.
Is it cold in here?
What happened?
I cleaned it all up.
But that ain't important.
What we do now is important.
We can't go around half-cocked.
We need time to think about this.
Figure it out.
We got some time now,
but we gotta be smart.
Never point a gun at anyone
unless you mean to shoot him.
And if you shoot,
make sure he's dead.
'cause if he ain't,
he's gonna kill you.
It's the only thing we learned
in the service that's worth a goddamn.
Where the hell's my windbreaker?
Tell me what happened.
That ain't important.
What's important is that we did it.
Only that matters.
We both did it for each other.
That's what's important. - Don't know
what you're talking about.
I mean,
what are you talking about?
I haven't done anything funny.
What was that?
You're not even acting like yourself.
First, you call me at 5 a.m.,
saying all kinds of nice things,
then you come chargin' in, scaring me
half to death without telling me why.
I mean,
if you two had a fight...
I don't care,
just as long as...
Pick it up.
Well, it's him.
What's going on with you two?
All right.
You can call him back,
whoever it was.
I'll get out of your way.
You left your weapon behind.
Hi, Meurice, this is Helene Trend.
What the hell does that remark
you made about Sylvia mean?
She says you're full of shit.
I believe her, and I love you, too.
Call me soon, 'cause I'm goin'
to South America tonight, to Uruguay.
Listen, asshole, it's Marty.
I just got back from Corpus Christi.
A lot of money's missing.
I'm not saying you took it,
but the place was your responsibility.
I told you to keep an eye
on your asshole friend.
Don't come to the bar tonight...
What is this?
The bar's gonna be closed tonight.
I got business to do. But tomorrow
I wanna have a word with you and Ray,
if you can find him.
I hope you're planning
on leaving town.
You got a problem?
No, but you do, cowboy.
- Have you been to the bar? - Why?
You shouldn't have taken
the fuckin' money! Look at me!
I'm serious! You broke in the bar
and ripped off the fuckin' safe!
Abby warned me about you.
Know what your problem is?
You're too fuckin' obvious. Only you
and me know the combination, and Abby,
These fuckin' things are coffin nails!
Hey, look.
I don't give a shit. Marty is
a hard-on, but you gotta do somethin'.
Say you're sorry. Give the money back.
Get the fuck outta here... something!
It's very humiliating
preaching about this bullshit!
But I'm not laughin'.
So you know it's no fuckin' joke!
Lover boy oughta lock the door.
I love you.
Stupid thing to say, right.
I love you, too.
You're just saying that,
because you're scared.
You left your weapon behind.
He'll kill you, too.
Where is everything?
In the trunk.
In the car.
You leavin'?
Isn't that what you want?
Wanna come with me?
I gotta know what happened first.
What d'you wanna know?
You broke into the bar.
You wanted to get your money.
You and Marty had a fight.
And something happened...
I don't know...
Wasn't it you?
Maybe a burglar broke in...
- With your gun.
Nobody broke in.
I'll tell you the truth.
Truth is...
I've been feelin' sick
the last couple of days.
Can't sleep.
Can't eat.
When I try...
Truth is,
he was alive when I buried him.
Yeah, just a second!
What's the matter? - I think
Marty's dead. Can I come in?
That's bullshit! Marty called me
after he was jacked up.
I don't know where Marty is,
but he's not dead.
You relax, and I'll go find him.
And stay away from Ray.
The guy's gone nuts.
Turn it off.
Just turn it off!
No curtains on the windows.
I think someone's watchin'.
- So what'll they see?
Leave it off!
If you do anything
the neighbors'
Просто кровь Просто кровь

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