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Просто кровь

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Do you want
like a townhouse?
Or your own apartment?
I'll show you around.
Are you sure this apartment is vacant?
Yes! I was just explaining to him
that he moved out yesterday.
Don't mind Mr. Garcia.
He used to be my brother-in-law.
Looks like the state legislature
is out of session.
I thought this was where they met.
- You're gonna help me.
I am? - Keep an eye on Mary and Ray.
Make sure nothing happens.
Let's show our appreciation
for Lorraine.
A registered nurse from Bolton, Texas.
How about it, gentlemen?
Alright, see you, Meurice.
Any time.
You don't have to worry for a while.
Marty went down to Corpus yesterday.
He's in the house!
He's in the house.
What's the matter?
I could have sworn I heard something.
- Door's locked.
Nothin' there.
we wouldn't have heard anything,
if it'd been him. He's real careful.
Fact is...
he's anal.
He told me himself. He said,
"In here,
in here I'm anal."
I'll be damned!
I couldn't believe it myself.
Me, on the other hand,
I got lots of personality.
Marty always said I had too much.
He was never big on personality.
He sent me to a psychiatrist
to see if he could calm me down.
What happened?
- Psychiatrist said
I was the healthiest person
he ever met. Marty fired him.
I don't think
you can fire a psychiatrist.
I never saw him again,
I can tell you that. I said,
"Marty, how come you're anal
and I gotta go to the psychiatrist?"
What did he say?
He's like you. He doesn't say much.
Except when he doesn't say things,
they're usually nasty.
When you don't,
they're usually nice.
You ever get tired?
- Oh yeah, I guess.
- Marty?
Catch any fish?
Catch any fish?
What kind of fish?
- Listen, is it done?
Yes, sir. You owe me some money.
If you're fucking with me,
you'll regret it.
They look good.
Why? You want a couple?
Just the 10,000 will be fine.
You got something to show me first?
So it seems.
What'd you do with the bodies?
- Taken care of.
The less you know about it,
the better.
I don't believe it.
I'm gonna be sick.
I'm gonna want that picture back.
You did say something about the money.
Yeah, the money.
Something I gotta ask you.
I've been very, very careful.
Have you been very, very careful?
Of course.
- Nobody knows you hired me?
Don't be stupid.
I'm not about to tell anyone.
We have to learn to be discreet.
Trust each other.
For richer, for poorer.
Don't say that. Your marriages
don't turn out so hot.
How did you cover the money?
- It's been taken care of.
The less you know about it,
the better.
I made a call.
It'll be all right.
I must've gone money simple.
A murder like this...
...too risky.
You shouldn't have done it.
Can't have it both ways.
Count it
and go.
I trust you.
Who looks stupid now?
What's the matter? You deaf?
You home?
What night is tonight?
What night is it?
- Tuesday night is ladies' night.
- Tuesday night is ladies' night.
All your drinks are free.
...increased over 80%
in the last three years.
What's more,
in two years' time we'll be
experiencing the Jupiter effect.
Then all the planets in the universe
will cause this unbelievable...
...and these will be the sons
of which we shall know.
Although real good people
disagree with me,
I believe
that this Antichrist
is alive today
living in the ten nation alliance
I was talking about...
This is WKLJ,
"Through the Night."
I'm John Lievsay.
I'll be with you till six this morning
when Mike Miller will be stepping in.
Here's a request
we really had to dig for.
Abby, you all right?
Ray? What time is it?
I don't know. It's early.
I love you.
You all right?
I don't know.
I better get off now.
I'll see you.
Thanks, Ray.
Why didn't you get into bed?
I didn't think I could sleep.
I'm surprised you could.
You called me this morning.
I wanted to let you know
that everything was all right.
I took
Просто кровь Просто кровь

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