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Просто кровь

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And I just sit back and watch
these shit kickers go broke.
Sorry about last night.
- No sweat. Wasn't too busy.
But you missed a good one.
A white guy walks in and asks
do we have a discount for alcoholics.
I tell him to get lost.
But Marty's sitting here
thinking that maybe ain't a bad idea.
What, what?
- Am I fired?
You wanna hit me or what?
I don't particularly
want to talk to you.
If you aren't gonna fire me,
I'll quit.
Suit yourself.
Having a good time?
I don't like this kind of talk.
- What'd you come here for?
You owe me for two weeks.
an expensive piece of ass.
Who else has she been sluicing?
I want money! You gotta talk? Fine.
- Are you a fucking marriage counselor?
What're you smiling at?
I'm funny? I'm an asshole?
That's not what's funny.
What's funny is her.
And that I had you two followed.
If it's not you she's sleeping with,
it's someone else.
And what's really gonna be funny is
when she gives you
that innocent look and says,
"I don't know
what you're talking about, Ray.
I ain't done anything funny."
The funniest thing
for me right now
is that you think
she came back here for you.
That's what's fuckin' funny!
Come on this property again
I'll be forced to shoot you.
Fair notice.
I thought you were dead.
You goin' home?
I'm stayin' right here in hell.
Kind of a bleak point of view,
isn't it?
I don't want the asshole
near my money.
And I don't want him in the bar.
You get a lot of assholes in here.
Who was it?
On the phone.
Was it for you?
I don't know. He didn't say anything.
How did you know it was a "he?"
You got a girl?
Am I screwing something up
by being here? - No.
Am I?
I can find a place tomorrow, and I'll
be outta your hair. - If you want to,
then do it.
You want the bed or the couch?
The couch'll be all right.
You can sleep on the bed.
I'm not putting you outta your bed.
- You wouldn't be putting me out.
I'll be all right here.
Lover boy oughta lock his door.
Lot of nuts out there.
Let's do it outside, in nature.
I'd like to have seen his face
when he found the dead end.
Hey, mister!
How'd you break your pussy finger?
I want it! I want it!
I'm sorry, sweetheart.
My date's here.
She saw me rollin' a cigarette
and thought it was marijuana.
Thought I was a swinger, I guess.
Isn't that wild?
Stick your finger
up the wrong person's ass?
A friend of mine broke his hand,
and it was put in a cast.
Next day he falls,
protects his bad hand,
then he breaks his good one.
He breaks that one, too.
So now he's got two busted flippers,
so I said to him,
"Creighton, I hope
your wife really loves you,
'cause for the next five weeks
you can't even wipe your own ass."
That's the test, ain't it?
Test of true love.
I got a job for you.
If the pay's right and it's legal,
I'll do it.
It's not strictly legal.
If the pay's right, I'll do it.
It's in reference to that gentleman
and my wife.
The more I think about it,
the more irritated I get.
Could you tell me what you want me
to do, or is it a secret?
This is no joke.
You want me to kill 'em.
Well, what?
What do you think?
You're an idiot.
So, this wouldn't interest you, huh?
I didn't say that. All I said was
you're an idiot.
You've been thinking about it so much
it's driving you simple.
I'll give you 10,000 dollars.
I'm supposed to do a murder,
or two murders,
and trust you
not to go simple on me
and do something stupid.
I mean
really stupid.
Why should I trust you?
For the money.
The money.
That's a right lot of money.
In Russia,
they make only fifty cents a day.
I want you...
to go fishing.
- Go down to Corpus for a few days.
Get yourself noticed.
I'll give you a call when it's done.
You just find a way
to cover that money.
I'll take care of the money.
You make sure
those bodies aren't found.
There's a big incinerator
behind my
Просто кровь Просто кровь

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