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if something happens I'll kill you.
Where do you think he went?
- To get flowers.
- Right.
- Real romantic.
- He is too cute.
Are you going to Moscow with him?
I don't think we're going.
You're not sure you're going?
If you are interested,
I gave him money forthe ticket.
Maybe I will go.
- You're playing games with him?
- No. Ljust haven't decided it yet.
That means playing games.
The usual women's thing.
Why does he need
to know about my doubts?
He might be offended.
He'll be offended by other people.
Why do you think so?
I can see that. Because such people
like he are not too lucky in life.
If they succeed in something
they blossom,
but if they fail in something
they fade away.
- Why do you think he's yourfriend?
- Why?
Because you are strong, free.
You are your own master.
When did you manage to study me?
You even talk rudely,
so people wouldn't talk to you.
Actually you are not quite right.
I neverthought about it.
You made it up.
Do you think this makes you different
that you don't think who you are?
Do you fearfor him?
I don't fear, but I feel uneasy.
That's right. So do I.
Do you like him?
A lot.
Ljust have a feeling,
that I'm 10 years olderthan him.
- I don't lie. I wait.
- What for?
That it will pass one day.
He is a child. He is weak.
- A child.
- He's weak.
And are you strong?
No. Strong women is a pathology.
You are not stupid
that you seems you are.
- I'm sorry for being strict.
- That's okay.
I hope you won't tell him
about our conversation.
Why should I?
I don't believe in your wit,
but I believe in your intuition.
- Enter into an alliance with him?
- An alliance?
Here's your Romeo.
And yours too.
Daisies don't grow.
Why didn't you take your girl?
Why did you take one from Moscow?
Why do you care?
You care about everything.
Everybody goes to Moscow.
Why do you talk about Moscow so much?
You'd better get married by yourself.
Maybe we'd better get a car.
Aren't you tired of walking?
I hate cars.
- Run!
- Olya!
- Where are we going to?
- Does that matter?
- Go and buy tickets.
- Why me? You pay.
- Why me?
- Go, go.
I can pay.
Just a minute, we'll pay.
500 roubles.
- Counterfeit?
- Sure.
Do you have a smaller note?
I often have a dream that
if you jump properly, you could fly.
I fly every night.
That means you're growing.
No, it doesn't.
Many people have such dreams
till they get old, but they don't grow.
Actually, when you grow
you have a dream that you fall.
Do you know,
there are such bumps on the road,
when you jump on the car
it takes your breath away.
Guys, stop whispering.
Here are yourtickets.
- Nowadays we don't have such bumps.
- They patched them.
What's yourticket?
Excuse me.
I have a lucky one.
- You have?
- Yes, I do.
You gotta eat it! Come on!
I need to make a wish first.
Be careful.
Leave it!
Who is yours?
Let me tell you a fortune.
I can tell you
lots of things about you.
Ljust don't have anything.
Are you sure I'll have a rich husband?
We are in a hurry we can't stay.
What did they tell you?
- They told me that I...
- Let's go.
Where are you going to?
Open the doors please!
What's going on, Olga?
Come on!
Damn it!
Let's see what we have left.
The phone is here.
All wallets are here.
Check if you have everything.
I don't have a wallet. They took it
from the pocket and I didn't feel that.
Olya, what's happened?
- Guys, it's just great!
- Why do they need my pass?
- Olya, what's up?
- Olya, what has happened?
I can't stand it.
Get up.
What idiots you are! Just great!
What is great?
It's just great, guys!
They swindled us.
We were like three idiots.
So what are you happy about?
We don't have money.
Blockheads! Real blockheads!
We lost our money!
They are actors, real actors.
You amaze me.
Another woman would sob now.
- Why?
- Because we have been robbed.
I can pay you money
to see such performance again.
It's great,

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