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with this climbing.
- I could've broken my leg.
- Look how beautiful it is.
That is where Petya lives.
And there we were walking.
- Excuse me.
- Be careful.
Are you all right, Olya?
Look, it's so great!
Olya, what's happened?
I'll hold you, you hit her cheeks.
- Hit harder!
- I can't!
- Can we help you?
- No, we're fine.
- Olya, are you OK?
- Don't hit too hard.
That's fine. My mother
has the same disease. That's fine.
Olya, are you OK?
- I'm fine.
- You sure?
Don't hit her.
Let's go then.
I'm... just...
- Let me hold her.
- What's happened, Olya?
I saw down, my head began to swim.
- That can happen with anyone.
- It's the first time with me.
- You hinder me. Go straight on.
- Let me hold her.
- How did you manage to faint away?
- I feel so awkward.
Maybe I should hold you?
I'm not sick, I'm not a disabled.
I am all fine.
- Lyosha, go ahead.
- Yes, Lyosha, go ahead.
Excuse me, do you have some water?
- Maybe you need my help?
- No, we're fine.
She is the seventh today.
She looks so big.
Why do they climb
if they can't stand heights?
Thanks God, she has someone to go with.
Thanks God, thanks God.
I don't believe in your God!
And I never believed!
- It's very fashionable...
- Could you tell me where is the exit?
- There.
- This way.
- There? Yes?
- Yes, on the left.
- I wouldn't say so, Galina.
- Do I have to go right or left?
- It depends on where you are going.
- That way, go that way.
But it's betterto turn left.
He makes the sixth round and
hasn't figured out what way to go yet.
OK. Let's continue.
Sauce for hot dogs.
Starts with "K".
- A grunting animal?
- A pig.
Correct. Pig.
- Are you OK?
- I think yes.
I have to start your re-education.
You will swarm up a rope,
do jogging every morning
and afterthat I'm gonna whip you
to keep you in a good shape.
- To whip?
- Yes.
You are not the first
who tells me that.
Many people like this idea.
- Because you look like...
- An unwhipped.
Yes, you're right.
Don't worry,
I'll work on you.
And afterthat I'll marry you.
I like you without re-educating.
Particularly without Petya's.
Maybe Petya's wife would
swarm up a rope and jog.
- I don't think my wife would need that.
- No, I can't swarm up.
- What?
- I can't swarm up a rope.
- Why?
- Wasn't taught in school?
No, I was always free
from physics training.
I was always sick
and I don't like sport in general.
And what about horses?
It's different.
Let's don't talk about horses.
I'm sorry.
Let's go to the embankment.
I love walking there.
Do you mind, Petya?
Stop being so formal. I hit your
cheeks, but you're still formal.
By the way, I guess I should
challenge you to a duel
for hurting the lady.
What are you talking about? I came
to her senses and you challenge me?
- I can shoot in the air.
- You mean fart?
Petya, you are a boor.
What are you laughing at?
Why are you laughing?
Do you like soldier's humour?
Olga, I thought you are a decent girl.
- It was really funny.
- Maybe I disturb you?
Maybe I should go home?
I don't know why
Alexey is pitching into me.
I am pitching into you?
This is me who disturbs you?
- Alexey, stop it.
- OK, I'm leaving. I'm sorry.
- Please, Lyosha.
- Why are you so angry?
- Go to hell!
- Look! Awedding.
I don't get it. Why all women
like watching weddings so much?
It's great. Look at her veil.
All men are waiting till they
finish walking and start drinking.
When I will be marrying I will leave
the city afterthe registry office.
You said
you didn't want to get married.
I'll have to.
I'll have to, won't I?
I don't know.
You don't know?
Why are you still angry?
Am I indecent if I understand
soldier's humour?
I love many things.
I love theatre, stars,
films, music, flowers.
- Which?
- Which flowers?
I love daisies.
I don't like roses,
but I do like daisies.
Hold it.
Don't go, I'll be right back.
Where are you going to?
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