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Otherwise I'll die.
I can die, you know?
I'm dying, I'm dying!
God, I'm dying.
God, Olga, I'm dying.
Olya, let me kiss you, let me kiss you.
This is not we were agreed to.
This is not we were agreed to.
Let me kiss you, let me kiss you.
She doesn't want to kiss,
she doesn't want to marry.
What a girl I found!
Leave me alone. Stop it, stop it!
Put me on the floor!
I can't be hung.
Do you want an ice-cream?
- What do you want?
- What do I want?
Another kiss?
One at a time.
- Your lips are so soft.
- Why? They should be hard?
- Horses have the softest lips.
- You're starting it again.
I'm in love as a pelican
and she's talking about horses.
Why as a pelican?
- Why not?
- Why?
- Why not?
- Why?
As ill luck would have it,
I gotta go to Moscow today.
I was only once in Moscow.
- Maybe I shouldn't go there today?
- Why? You have to go.
- Let's go together.
- Are you crazy?
Come on, I have friends there,
it's gonna be fun.
There is a booking office overthere.
Let's go.
- No.
- Come on. It'd be great!
- It's not convenient foryou.
- Who told you that?
- Really, I can't.
- Why can't you?
Olya, you are the best girl
in Russian Federation.
I've been known you forfive minutes.
We'll go to a club, it's gonna be fun.
- It's a big challenge for me.
- Yes, it is. A very nice one.
Let's go, you won't regret! Please.
- I feel awkward.
- Why do you feel awkward?
Olya, please.
Let's go, Olya.
Please, say "yes".
Stop it. I don't like
standing in queues. Go alone.
- Give me your passport.
- Why?
- You don't wanna show me your age.
- I don't wanna.
- You don't?
- No.
Give me your passport.
You won't look at it, will you?
- Do you promise?
- Yes, I do.
Here it is.
Be here, wait for me.
I have a friend there, she'll help me.
- OK, go.
- Promise not to leave.
I promise. You have my passport.
- You sure you won't leave?
- Go.
Hello. Daddy, why did you call?
Don't do that anymore.
OK, as we agreed. I have one.
In a minute. I'm almost there.
Where've you been? Why do you call?
Catherine the First came by.
I'm gonna be here, Menshikov is
on the third, Elizabeth on the fourth.
Why me? Why should I be on the fourth?
No one takes pictures there.
Send herthere.
Why do you always fight?
Every day the same.
Catherine should be at the Hermitage.
And what about Elizabeth?
OK, let's go.
What's the difference?
People always confuse us.
I'm on the fourth.
I don't like your attitude!
- Did you buy them?
- Sure.
Then give my passport back.
So we are going at 12
in a compartment car,
but in different compartments.
Don't be mad at me forthat.
Aren't we gonna meet Petya?
Do you want that?
I can call him if you want.
I want that very much.
It's weird. We're going to Moscow
and I don't know anything about you.
Hello. What are you doing?
- Go to Dvorcovaya Square.
- It's OK.
Can you be there in 30 minutes?
OK. Bye.
You're gonna meet
a very beautiful girl.
- Stop it.
- OK. See you.
He'll come.
- Great.
- Do you need the ticket?
OK. Give it to me.
- Why?
- Give it.
Lyosha, please don't argue.
- OK?
- What's the matter?
Please, take my money forthe ticket.
- Kidding?
- I'm not.
I can't explain the reason,
but I can't go at your expense.
Are you a feminist?
- Even if I were. Why?
- Olya, I earn enough.
I can afford myself
to go to Moscow.
Olya, take away the money.
No doubts that you earn enough.
I understand that.
Please. I can't explain the reason.
Eitheryou take the money
or I'm not going.
Are you crazy?
I told you I earn enough.
- And besides you hurt my feelings.
- I do?
Yes, you do.
I can't explain why.
Take the money, or I'm not going.
Olya, stop showing
your money in the street.
I'm not going?
That means I'm not going?
- Olya, did I invite you?
- Yes.
- You refused?
- Yes.
I really want to go to Moscow with you.
Please understand me.
Take the money forthe ticket,
but in Moscow I'll be

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