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what, let's do that
in... 14 minutes.
- Why in 14?
- Why not?
Are you kidding again
oryou are serious?
Actually, people don't say
such things to little known men.
- Do you believe in love at first sight?
- Of course not.
Where are you going?
Mister policeman,
do you believe in love at first sight?
Do you believe
in love at first sight or not?
Are you OK?
I want to know if our law machinery
believes in love at first sight.
- You see?
- Don't take it seriously.
I saw her and fell in love at once.
But she doesn't believe me.
I fell in love and forgot
about my stupid heart.
By the way, do you have a stupid heart?
- Don't take it seriously.
- Does he botheryou?
Ljust want to know if our law machinery
believes in love at first sight.
Do you believe in it or not.
Answer, please.
- Are you drunk?
- Drunk with love.
- Do you believe?
- I do, I do. Get going.
Thank you, mister policeman.
Thank you very much.
- Marry me.
- You are crazy.
There are so many people here.
I don't care about these people.
Just marry me.
- Are you crazy?
- Marry me.
I can't understand if you're a fool
oryou are miserable.
I feel foryou of course,
but that's not enough for marriage.
Are you crazy? What marriage?
Maybe you agree on romance?
Who asks such things?
Of course I'd like
to have a friendship with you,
but I don't believe in friendship
between a man and a woman.
And besides, you are very beautiful
and I wanna kiss you.
And I don't wanna kiss Petya,
that means this is not a friendship.
Let me kiss you.
Let me kiss you.
- No.
- Please.
I don't want that.
You'd better introduce me to that Petya.
You mention her every 5 minutes.
Her? Not a problem.
- I can call him right now if you want.
- OK.
Afriend would never leave
anotherfriend in troubles.
What? That means you are in troubles?
- Olya.
- Good bye then.
That was a joke, Olya.
Why are you so touchy?
Stop it. I hate that Petya.
I hate him.
I'm calling him, I'm calling him.
You're gonna like him.
He's a nice guy.
What are you gonna do
if I like him more than you expect?
- I hope it won't happen.
- But if that happens?
It won't happen, you can't like him,
because you like me.
Do you have
otherfriends besides Petya?
Friends? No. Many acquaintances,
but only one friend.
And what about you?
Rook was my friend.
Rook? A horse?
No, it's not a horse.
It was betterthan a man.
He was very attentive and loving.
He was always funny, naive.
He always protected me.
It's something, when a horse
is your best friend and not a man.
People are the real animals.
- You are so cruel.
- I'm not cruel.
How dare you to censure me?
If I'm cruel or not.
This is too much.
- I'm mad at you.
- I meant that you can love people too.
- Do it if you want.
- Why are you so mad?
I'm not mad any more.
Go where you were going.
- Olga, stop it, please.
- I won't stop it.
- I can be mad too.
- What at?
At your boorishness, for example.
- Boorishness?
- Yes.
Forgive me for being boorish.
I didn't mean to.
And you forgive me.
Are we OK?
- It's so hard with you as it occurred.
- Who said it was gonna be easy?
Let's try to avoid such arguments
in the future.
Tell me what annoys you
and I'll try not to do that.
Nothing annoys me.
Ljust don't like being judged.
If we don't fight,
how are we gonna make it up?
What do you mean?
Just as I said. The process
of making up is also a pleasant one.
becomes tenderer and warmer.
Then let's fight again.
I demand a scandal!
- No, I can't.
- Right now!
- How can I offend you?
- You don't have to offend me.
I'll tell you, that you are stupid.
No. Being stupid means
to understand the world differently.
To be stupid is pleasant.
Then I'll call you a smart.
It wouldn't scare me either.
Then I'll tell you,
that we are having a fight,
that I'm upset, disconsolate, unhappy.
I am hurt.
- Start making it up.
- I won't.
- Be closerto me.
- No.
Closer and


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