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I start melting.
I go to the bottom, I lie there,
merge with water, sweeten the drink.
And one can also break me with a spoon.
I hate when people do that.
When they try to break me
in the bottom of the glass.
- I hate it.
- Why do you hate that? Can you explain?
It's not me who hates it.
The sugar hates it.
- Are you serious?
- You think I'm sick?
One day, when I was taking a bath
I pretended to be Bill Clinton.
What? What were you doing?
I was divorcing Hillary
and marrying Monica.
Monica is fat.
So what? We live in London,
play saxophone, dance salsa.
You can't imagine how good that is!
Of course I understand, I'm old
enough, but I still can do things!
By the way, Monica presented
a bike to my birthday.
It's a great think.
We were riding along the city.
By the way, my hair gets grey.
People say, grey hair looks good to me.
The only thing which
worries me is my daughter, Chelsea.
She is a unique child.
She doesn't understand anything.
She is on mother's side. I tried to
talk to her, but she doesn't understand.
Why are you laughing?
Stop laughing.
Everybody dreams about that,
but not everybody admits that.
When I was a child
I wanted to be a traffic-controller.
- And you?
- I wanted to draw lines on roads.
Those which are at crossings.
Beautiful dream.
Beautiful. I understand you.
Do you dream about anything now?
I don't know. I don't think so.
But I always interview myself.
Recently I gave a press conference
about developing of Russian economics.
It was broadcasted on all TV channels
and newspapers quoted that too.
And, by the way, it was in a bath too.
You are like me.
My congratulations. You are sick too.
- You are an amazing girl.
- I agree.
Let's drink something.
Let's sit somewhere, I'll call Petya.
I must introduce him
such a wonderful girl.
Are you talking about the one
who calls girls bitches?
You can introduce me to him,
but I won't go to any place.
Firstly, I don't drink,
secondly, I can't sit.
Do you have piles?
Very funny.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean that.
It was idiotic.
- Stupid and boorish.
- I'm sorry, but why can't you sit?
I won't tell you to spite you.
- Please, tell me.
- I won't.
I can't sit,
because I fell off a horse.
- Say what? Fell off a horse?
- I injured my spinal column.
Now I have to walk a lot
and I can't sit.
- Do you work in a circus?
- You starting it again?
No, really.
No, I do equestrian sport.
I'm a jockey.
Ah, it's when horses dance?
- Yes, yes.
- Great.
And those who sit
on horses have crooked legs.
- What?
- Don't be mad.
What's the name of the horse?
Diamond. It's a stallion.
I had Rook before him.
He was written off. He was old.
Is it your phone or mine?
I think it's mine.
Hello. Hi. Wait.
Yes. As we agreed.
OK. Bye.
- May I ask you a tactless question?
- Shoot.
- Who was that?
- My coach, Vsevolod Maksimych.
- Your coach?
- Yes.
Why were you so informal with him?
I've been known him since my childhood.
We all are informal with each other.
It's a very rude world.
- And you curse too?
- Sometimes.
And you thought I'm a modest girl.
I think such girls are artificial.
Like in old books when
old ladies fainted away.
All my life I dreamt to faint away.
I wish to feel dizziness
just once in my life. Never.
- I feel so bad right now. Wait.
- Olya, what's happened?
- I don't know what it is.
- Do you have a stomach-ache?
Did you buy it? Yes?
It's a way how to fool men.
You believe in everything.
These pigeons went crazy.
You think, that we, girls,
only wash up in a bathroom?
Actually, I don't wanna know
in details what you do there.
How are you gonna live with your wife?
Do you think
she's gonna go to neighbours?
You seem to be too experienced.
Are you married?
Oh, no. Don't wanna be married.
- Because I like being with myself.
- And with me?
With you?
Well, it's OK.
- So marry me then.
- What did you say?
You know
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