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You and he are the real friends.
Olya, stop it.
Don't interrupt me.
Now you listen.
Pyotr, now you listen.
I want to tell you,
that I'm not insolent.
I'm just proud that such a strong
and brave man paid his attention to me.
Because people like you don't
pay attention to anyone.
Do you realize that you have
the best temper which man can have?
You are very serious,
even though you make a lot of jokes.
But you are very serious to life.
I'm telling you, that's right.
Because you'll win if you are serious.
You will win.
- Will I?
- You will win.
I'm telling you that. Guys!
Guys, I'm so happy!
You can't imagine. I'm the happiest
girl in Saint-Petersburg.
I'm the happiest
girl in Saint-Petersburg.
Olya, where are you going to?
Olya, we are going to celebrate
our meeting as much as we can.
Follow me!
Olya, where are you going to?
Stop, wait!
Why did you bring us here, Malakhova?
- Who is he?
- I don't know.
- Why did shout at me on the phone?
- Daddy, you got into a mess.
- Why is that?
- You lost, do you know that?
- I always lose with you.
- You really did lose.
You are totally frozen. Totally wet.
I've got a gift foryou.
Is that all?
Do you think that's enough?
This is all for now.
Come on, you gotta change.
- We were in the street, it was raining.
- That's why you need to change.
I wanna drink something. I want Martini.
- Order it, please.
- I'll do that. Don't worry.
- I'm gonna show you them now.
- I'll see them by myself. Come on. Go.
- Vsevolod.
- Alexey.
Nice to meet you.
- Petya.
- Vsevolod.
I'm sorry?
She's not allowed to sit.
- Now she can.
- She has problems with her spinal column.
Her spinal column?
What's wrong with it?
- She fell, broke her spinal column.
- In the street?
I forbade herto wearthose hills.
Don't worry. She fell off a horse.
What horse?
Guys, what are you talking about?
She hasn't seen a horse in her life.
She's afraid of animals.
What are you talking about?
- What's going on?
- Take it easy.
And who are you, by the way?
And you?
- Is it an interrogation?
- Just a second.
- Who are you?
- No, wait.
Yes, sure,
I need to explain. I got you.
We have a wedding in a week.
And afterthe wedding
she wanted to go somewhere.
I wanted to go
to our country house afterthe wedding.
I've got a nice house there.
Very nice house.
And she wants Tibet, the Himalayas.
To walk.
I asked her what she was talking about.
You have to walk in the Himalayas.
You have to walk a lot there.
Heels won't work there.
She doesn't move
in the city except car.
From carto bar, from barto cafe,
from cafe to car again.
And I explained her, there are not
bars and restaurants in mountains.
And there are not cars either.
You gotta walk there. Walk! On foot!
And she is lazy as hell!
She said she wanted to the Himalayas
and she said she would walk.
I won't sit down and bring two witnesses
who tell that I walked and never sat.
So she won. But she is very
stubborn and very persistent.
So we had a bet and I lost and she won.
So that means
you called her all the time?
Yes I did.
Let's be informal, ok?
I called.
And I saw you in the city,
not farfrom the cathedral, in the car.
- I remember.
- You could've hit us.
Stop wrangling, OK?
Let's have a drink.
I have been waiting
foryou for a long time.
Let's have a drink there.
Let's go to the bar.
What are you dreaming of?
What are you gonna drink?
Strychnia, please.
Hey, babe. Look at my back.
Is everything OK there?
- Yes.
- Look, please!
Are you OK?
- Everything's fine.
- You sure?
I don't understand one thing.
Why didn't she tell me at once?
It's logical.
If she had told you about the wedding
do you think you would've walked with her?
I don't think so.
- Very unique.
- Only unique people can survive.
But she is a real unique object.
Let's drink one more time.
One more, please.
Let's bowl. I have a

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